APQP Advanced Product Quality Planning In Consonance with the AIAG¶s (QS- ) APQP Manual Files Included In This Package The Red. in compliance with AIAG reference manual. It is a VOLVO requirement (incl. RTS, PAA, PHR) as specified in SQAM Pre-requisite: supplier is trained to APQP. GM APQP Kick Off and SRV Workbook-GM – Download as Excel Spreadsheet .xls /.xlsx), PDF File Bopp-Busch Quality Manual.

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Post on Nov views. They are Courtesy of The Red Road http: I have included them as I am a graphics nut and I really believe they help a lot of text challenged people, myself included, understand several basic concepts. I develop on a Macintosh using Office The free download version of Quicktime http: The latest version of Quicktime is a beta release of version 5 in which Flash is incorporated.

Both computers have Shockwave and the Flash player installed, as well as the latest Quicktime. All are free downloads. There is a Quicktime Pro edition for sale, but you only need the free downloadable version. On the Macintosh platform, the files play in Powerpoint like movies when in the SlideShow mode. On the PeeCee platform they do not.

The Macintosh version of Powerpoint handles. Using Explorer on both my PeeCee and my Mac, clicking on the file in my browser opens and allows you to play the file. I dont have Netscape for the PeeCee so I cant check that, but on my Mac I cannot get the Netscape browser to play the file even though the plug-in is installed – so I doubt it will play with Netscape on the PeeCee.

Microsofts Photo Paqp does not play well with animated gif files. It is not animated gif aware. You can see the first frame, but thats it. Except for the Histogram animation, I have included a. Any program which will play animated gif files will play these files. You can make the animations play in SlideShow mode in Powerpoint by first setting up the file links.

APQP – [DOCX Document]

Go to each presentation slide which contains an animation and delete the animation. Releasing the mouse on the From File menu line item will bring esoaol a file browser. Browse to and click on the appropriate. The animation will now play continuous looping in the SlideShow Mode.

The controls on the files only work if you are viewing the Flash files!!! The controls on the gif files do Spqp work!!! APQP is an attempt to provide a common path and synchronization of product development activities.

APQP is an attempt to ensure communication both within a company and between a company and their customer.

Advanced product quality planning

You also have to understand that when the APQP manual talks about a link via a process operation number on the control plan to the process number on the process flow diagram it may be that the control plan and the process flow diagram within your company is one and the same – a single, discrete document. It is important to look at what they are attempting to do. In this case they are using the process number as a linkage between two or more documents as a way to ensure that counterpart information is easily visible.


This control is for this process step in the process flow which was evaluated for risk in this processFMEA line item. In this presentation we will first be looking at the base requirements – mainly inputs and outputs to and from Phases of the APQP process.

From there we will go to looking closely at the control plan and related required documentation. You will find that a number of times within this presentation I will be reinforcing the fact that there is as low probability that your companys systems and documentation will exactly reflect what is in the APQP and Control Plan manual text. You have to look at the intent and you must identify equivalencies within your companys systems and documentation.

You will constantly be waiting for the next problem to surface! Process Documentation Work Instructions? Why Does it Matter? As a trilogy, remember – the links must all match. The trilogy documents must precisely link to your process documentation work instructions or however your company addresses this issue Document Links Document Links II One Document?

Control Plans must address the flow of received materials and parts from receiving, through manufacturing and on to shipping and to warehouses.

Control Plan content must contain as a minimum all customer and Company X critical characteristics.

Impact of Flow Diagram being incorporated into the Control Plan, if any. What must be on a Control Plan content? Receiving has only Control Plans 3. What must be on an FMEA content? Every process that is on the Control Plan? What must be on a Control Espakl Only the major processes are required on the control plan.

Advanced product quality planning – Wikipedia

Critical processes alone are not sufficient. Receiving has only Control Plans. What must be on an FMEA? Only the major processes are required on the FMEA.

Yes, there should be a block on the Control Plan to indicate a transfer. Defines a single flow. Manul identification of Mwnual Interaction Failure Modes. Allows identification of “Critical Processes”. Opens communication between Device and Process Engineers. Less detail on Process Failure Modes. Document control is unmanageable.

Doesn’t exhibit Process Interaction Failure Modes. More difficult to identify critical processes. Whenever the process produces significant line scrap as determined by each manufacturing site. Suppliers may not need a separate and distinct control plan for components such as wafers, gases, and chemicals. However, existing control plans must cover receiving through shipment of materials, parts, components, and assemblies.

So in effect, supplier’s control plans will include paqp, gases, and chemicals. TheSemiconductor Supplement supports this!

Our company document requires inclusion of all customeridentified special characteristics and company identified important characteristics. Other inspections and tests are optional in the control plans.

The supplier should convene sepaol multi-disciplinary teams to prepare for production of new or changed products. These teams should use appropriate techniques identified in the Advanced Product Quality Planning and Control Plan reference manual. Similar techniques that accomplish the intent are acceptable. Team actions should aapqp Efforts shall be taken to improve the process to achieve defect prevention rather than defect detection. Semiconductor Supplement Quality Planning – 4.


S During the advanced quality planning processes, the supplier shall include all processes from the incoming material through shipping and warehousing Failure Mode and Effects Analysis and Control Plan documents shall include these processes. This flow chart should identify the product characteristics associated with each operation.

Timeline Control system Team Cost Estimate Project Plan Definitions I Mission – Goal, customer and approach Scope – What will and will not be included with consideration to available technology Objectives – Technical, profit, performance, quality, etc.

Requirements – Deliverables Definition and specification – Criteria it must meet Market analysis – Expected annual production volume, length of run, start delivery target date, target price Japankey sales points, key competitors, etc. Project Plan Definitions II Preliminary Feasibility – Degree to which current tooling and equipment can be used Timeline – Major milestones and detail task schedule Control system – Answers questions such as: How will progress be measured?

Who will receive reports? How are changes handled? What limits are there on authority, responsibility, and accountability? Team – Who, from where and who is the team leader? Beware of Turf Wars! Cost estimate – Estimate with assumptions.

Often all information is not available. Identify appropriate benchmark s Find reason for gap between your status and benchmark Develop a plan for closing gap, meeting or exceeding benchmark Product – Process Assumptions Assumptions FeaturesDesign Process concepts Technical innovations Advanced materials Reliability assessments New technology Document assumptions as part of project plan Utilize as inputs to plan Consider alternate paths in case assumptions do not play out Product Reliability Studies Frequency of repairs or replacements within designated time period s Repair or Throw-away?

A distinguishing feature, dimension or property of a process or its output product on which variable or attribute data can be collected. These include characteristics identified by the shield, pentagon, and diamond.

See Key Product Characteristic. Those process parameters for which variation must be controlled around a target value to ensure that a significant characteristic is maintained at its target value.

KCCs require ongoing monitoring per an approved Control Plan and should be considered as candidates for process improvement. Those product features that affect subsequent operations, product function, or customer satisfaction. Any KPCs included in customer-released engineering requirements are provided as a starting point and do not affect the suppliers responsibility to review all aspects of the design, manufacturing process, and customer application and to determine additional KPCs.

Core team identified process variables input variables that have a cause and effect relationship with the identified Product Characteristic s which can only be measured at the time of occurrence. Features or properties of a part, component or assembly that are described on drawings or other primary engineering information.