Apr 27, We meet in late March, in London, where Halevy is promoting his first book, Man in the Shadows. In a quietly classy, old-fashioned hotel. Efraim Halevy is a lawyer and an Israeli intelligence expert. He was the ninth director of In he published the book Man in the Shadows, covering Middle Eastern history since the late s. Halevy was interviewed about his book on. Efraim Halevy, the former head of the Mossad (), who was born in London in , dedicated forty years of his life to that organization. Halevy defined.

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Halevy decided to stop this tradition.

It has its own welfare state. New firearms regulations and police use of lethal force in Argentina. Where al-Qaida is concerned, “the only solution is total destruction”, he believes.

What does Hamas need to do?

– Efraim Halevy: Man in the Shadows

In a quietly classy, old-fashioned hotel, he insists on ordering his own herbal tea and I wonder, briefly, if people from Mossad tend not to accept tea from strangers. He was a friend of Hussein, King of Jordan, and other Jordanians. But to do this, it needs to observe the rules of the game.

He said ‘absolutely not’. This book is a discussion of the Middle East crises from approximately to Sharon then became the driving force behind withdrawing from Gaza, to the rage of the settler movement that he’d spent much of his life encouraging.

Hamas has observed a unilateral ceasefire, but now [that] they are in government, it is more complicated. Peace will elude us until we mzn Palestinians with dignity”. He shadiws also a reformer inside the Mossad: In Marchhe became the director of Mossad following the resignation of Danny Yatom. Indeed, he recommends that governments push counterterrorism legislation through their legislatures in the two to three months following any terrorist attack, when the public will be more “attuned” to it.


Retrieved from ” https: Halevy has avoided the path to politics taken by other former intelligence chiefs, preferring an academic career which has allowed him the freedom to speak his mind about the major issues he has spent a lifetime not only studying, but helping to shape. The USA is the victim and hxlevy of this threat.

But ultimately the problem of al-Qaida will haalevy to be fought within the Islamic world. There is a lot of room for manoeuvre between the two.

Man in the shadows: an interview with Efraim Halevy | openDemocracy

Views Read Edit View history. In Htehe resigned from this position [2] after Dov Weissglassthe bureau chief of Prime Minister Ariel Sharongot too much power and he believed the Roadmap for peace was not favourable for Israel, [1] and Prime Minister Sharon refrained from accepting his recommendations on a host of issues, and went to teach at Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Essentially, Hamas has a strong interest in its own survival, and there is a possibility that power will strengthen the pragmatists within the movement. As well as its wider aim of statehood, it has already achieved local goals that it will not want to endanger: Above all, he is remembered for his part in bringing about the Israel—Jordan peace treaty.

Its aims are international.

The now passive prevented strategy-method against this terrorism would save the world. Despite Halevy’s support for withdrawing from Gaza, he opposes unilateralism, contending that “in the eyes of the Palestinians, the Gaza withdrawal was a direct result of armed struggle and a victory for Hamas.


Actually, the shoe is on the other foot. In contrast, Halevy sees al-Qaida as a group entirely bent on destruction and chaos. Mashal survived also, thanks to Israeli medical help. The Times of Israel. Inhe was selected to the Chief Branches Forum. He is the author of the book The role of the intelligence community in the age of strategic alternatives for Israel.

Hamas needs to obtain recognition for itself. Betweenunder the directorship of Shabtai Shavithe served as deputy director ij as head of the headquarters branch. Halevy’s contribution to Israel’s well-being is long.

Efraim Halevy

Al-Qaida is not wedded to territory at all. In shadws, he became the Israeli ambassador to the European Union in Brussels. He pointed to the cease-fire in attacks on Israel that Hamas declared two years ago and has largely honored. Israel was a small social ghetto.

In November Halevy said Iran should be prevented from becoming a nuclear power but expressed opposition to an attack which he said “could affect not only Israel, but the entire region for years.

The Last Chance for Sharows The pullout, he believes, involved too much confrontation within Israeli society. It was a failure. Hamas could actually be a very effective force opposing al-Qaida.