Here are 16 exercises you can start incorporating into your training program from Grant Weeditz, body architect at Anatomy in Miami, FL. Macebell exercises will do more for you than just make you strong, they’ll awaken the ancient warrior that lives within you. Use these 3 to get. If you’ve never tried steel mace training, then it’s time to give macebells a go. Exercising with a steel mace has many fitness-related benefits.

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Sep 22, Messages: Mainly trying to sell the so called clubbell, which is just like Indian club but heavier because macebwll is made of steel. I’ve exercise started incorporating some movements used by Indian Kushti wrestlers with the gada into my sledgehammer work.

Structural Integrity and Postural Awareness are the keys to getting the results you want. This is a great way to add progress into single leg strength. The last one is not great, I’m afraid.

Karl Gotch demonstrating how to use exervises gada-inspired “macebell”: I’m not sure how to embed you tube vidsbut will learn. How do we reach our potential? KTTrainingDec 22, I have always had a healthy range of shoulder mobility most likely stemming from a combination of genetics and a background in gymnastics and swimming.


Didn’t get much info from this thread when I first posted it; I wonder has anyone now had a bit more experience with this type of exercise?

Here I demonstrate a few of my favorite exercises taken from the great wrestlers of India and my favorite Kettlebell exercise for combat sports. They definitely help significantlyif you stick with them.

With my current training load and the amount of jerks I perform, shoulder health is key! His first articles about health were on a cholera outbreak in rural Kenya while he was reporting for a French humanitarian organization. With the mace, the majority of the weight is at the end of the mace handle, which forces activation of the muscles in the hands, wrists and forearms…the lower the grip on the handle, the more challenging it becomes.

Subscribe Subscribe to our newsletter Subscribe. FYI, the movement I’m using the most is the 10 – 2, described here: May 27, Messages: Also called the gada, the mace is another favorite of pehlwanior Indian wrestlers.

5 Steel Mace Exercises You Can Do Without Swinging

Take a look at the info below to find out the best ways to implement them in your own training. A lot of exercises swing the mace behind the head, which makes it a great for working the scapula, upper back, midline, and other muscles involved with posture.

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Leave your comment below or on this facebook post here. A list of the 10 best ones. Check out the services exerciwes to find out more.

5 Steel Mace Exercises You Can Do Without Swinging – Rich Thurman

What are the best kettlebell exercises? Didn’t you already post this? Some new-ish videos, exetcises way of apology for thread necromancy: The mace is the perfect compliment to any athlete that jerks or snatches. What say you, f13? ChungungoMar 7, YukisHeartMar 7, Your abdominal muscles are challenged with every mace move.

Whether you’re a competitive or casual Golfer, Adventure Racer, Fighter, Desk jockey or just generally looking to be healthier, Rich can help you. I’ve just started using club bells in my training, mills and reverse mills really seem to help my shoulders feel more mobile and stronger, but it’s still early days for me.