The 3 day Potty Training by Lora Jensen was created out of frustration 3 days to a diaper-free lifestyle; Her supporters swear by this method. You will seriously be spending all waking hours with your child for three days,” says Lora Jensen, author of 3-Day Potty Training. And when you’re figuring out. boot camp–style method called 3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen. Jensen, the self-proclaimed Queen of Potty Training, doesn’t have a medical or But you will be diaper-free, which is worth every bit of short-term strain.

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This method might work if you trainlng a certain type of kid, but definitely not all kids. Jan 12, Tori rated it really liked it.

The second day was the hardest for us, but I’m glad we stuck it out! She told me to quit and put my toddler back in diapers for 60 days then to try again. The guarantee that your child will be absolutely potty trained in three traiinng is a false hope. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device.

How the 3-Day Potty Training Method Works | Parenting

Pick up a few T-shirts that will cover your kid’s private area. Published first published March 6th Jul 24, Liz rated it really liked it. Found it extremely helpful! You do have to stick by your child’s side and we found a small prize Mickey Mouse and Thomas the Train stickers helped a lot.

My son doesn’t have a sweet tooth, so candy rewards didn’t work for us. This time she WAS ready… for daytime potty training. Suddenly, jesen was scared of the potty AND scared to go to sleep for fear of wetting the bed — no matter how I tried to console her.

3 Day Potty Training by Lora Jensen

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The three day promise though, do not get your hopes up. I personally have a strong willed child who refuses to sit on the potty even after telling me that she needs to go. Just watch for signs of potty training readiness, and the process will go SO much smoother. It’s not a bad idea to arrange playdates out of the home for older kids, too. Ashley rated it did not like it Oct 03, Basically praise your child and throw away all diapers, stay at home for 3 days and watch their every move.


Some may really not be ready at 22 months. Fifth, but by no means last, her attitude is pretty much “My method works perfectly so if it doesn’t work for your kid, you aren’t doing it right; you’re just a bad parent. Easy to read and follow. Thus, the bedwetting and sleep nightmares continued. It took 6 days, not 3, but that’s pretty darn good!

Basically, we use 1 diaper at night and as many other potty training experts will attest, there was NO confusion!

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have read and applied this to my toddler to a T. See 1 question about 3 Jenzen Potty Training…. Jul 26, Kelly McLane added it. We began 3 Day Potty Training when my daughter was 22 months old.

3 Day Potty Training

After 3 days I wouldn’t have felt ready to take them out, but after the 3 days they only had 1 accident each a day for a couple more days. And when you’re figuring out how to potty train a boy or girl, she says, you must plan ahead: Make this three day potty training mission about your soon-to-be potty pro. Apr 25, Joanna rated it it was amazing. There are numerous flaws with this book. I ended up trying a different 3 day program, and it was so much more worth the money.

Children learn from having those accidents,” says Jensen of potty training girls and boys. You must commit, and you must do as she says, clear your schedule! Praise goes a long way. If you followed her method, got mentoring and did not see results, she would refund the money. A very short book. I am gearing up to potty train my toddler and this was a resource that was recommended to me. I did, however, hit up a local dollar store for potty training incentives —stickers, crayons, coloring books and action heroes.


We did modify it a little but but our son was fully day and night trained by the end of day 2!

First off, it’s a bit of a misnomer to call it a book; poyty 44 pages with lots of white space, a title page, a table of contents, an acceptable use policy, and other junk ; I think it could probably be condensed to about 12 pages if she used a point font, left out all the unnecessary spaces, and stuck to actually talking about potty training.

Third, it is a good START to potty training, but frse does NOT cover additional things–like, how to really prepare to leave the house after the 3 days, or how to wean off of the treats that she recommends using throughout the whole process.

If I could rate this “0” stars, I would–because it’s not just bad writing but I feel like she’s dishonest and takes advantage of people. When it came time to potty train my son, I waited for him to tell me when he was ready.

In the ‘mentoring’ section on her website she answers questions. You will learn how to: I was hoping that this book would have some vital information that could help me succeed in jnsen my 22 month old to use the potty. As long as you follow the book as close as you loga it should work for most kids. She arched her back and refused to go. But if that makes you uncomfortable, Jensen says using undies pott no pants is OK for potty training boys and girls, too.