Look at Me [Anita Brookner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A lonely art historian absorbed in her research seizes the opportunity to. I had such a mistaken idea about Anita Brookner’s novels, until I picked up Julian Barnes remembers his friend Anita Brookner: ‘There was no one remotely like her’ . ‘Look at Me’, her third novel, is my personal favorite. Look At Me () by Anita Brookner Frances Hinton is an introspective woman, ‘ loyal and well-behaved and uncritical’, with aspirations to.

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She hopes things will change for the better when she is “adopted” by a well to do couple, Alix and Nick. This remains an academic question, for I have never brooknrr been tempted in this way.

Frankly, I had forgotten it was on the list. Her sensitivity is fathomless, yet her forced detachment verges on inhuman. The term wading through treacle springs to mind, endless paragraphs on depression, melancholy, death and lunacy. She also lacks brokoner drive which is another fairly common trait of schizoids. June 21, at 7: Purchase from The Book Depository. Their affections, however, are conditional and inconstant. This was the brookne Anita Brookner I ever read, and by far the one that was most affecting.

I want to shake their sedate, mistreated protagonists and leave them with Betty Friedan in one hand and a vibrator in the other. Despite her own situation, she is moved to horror by the loneliness of others, showing little sympathy. It put me in mind of books by Harriet Lane also a positive. And, of course, when you put anything under a microscope no matter how banal it might be in the daylight a whole new world is revealed when you look down that lens. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald or any of Fitzgerald’s fictional couples.


Frances who does not like being called Fanny has an office job and lives with a silent Irish nanny in her dead parents’ flat.

The five best Anita Brookner novels

It is very easy to say: Also, this novel got me thinking about how it sounds like chick-lit when described bec I think I’ve discovered a new favorite author! Face up and sing. They draw her into their tight circle of friends.

The arc of the main character’s storyline was like a single rolling wave, so smooth you don’t even realize you’re riding it ta you’ve crested and come down the other side. Loneliness is never easy to portray in a book. She does not, and this is how it is with the selfish, the idle, the narcissistic. Otherwise, it could be set in the early s or mids, and the book it most reminded me of was Claude Houghton’s I Am Jonathan Scrivener In his middle age, Fibich borokner needs to make the journey back to the railway station in Berlin where he parted from his mother for the last time.

I’m not sure I even know what that means, but it must be important because the narrator says it several times. The wife is quickly bored, though. I’d still recommend Hotel du Lac as where to start with Brookner, with this one a good choice for those wanting more of her work.

Look At Me – Anita Brookner | Savidge Reads

Said social life sounds rather dull — they’re either going to the lok restaurant night after night or watching films at home — but as far as Frances is concerned, she’s hit the yb. Mar 03, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Somewhere in its middle, when something different happens, I settled into it.


Nothing could spoil my pleasure. She shows, she makes the reader feel it deep inside. Sometimes the scenes and people one observes impart their own message of exclusion.

Order by newest oldest recommendations. Until, that is, a carelessly glamorous couple, Dr Nick Fraser and his wife Alix, take an interest in her and involve her in their social life. Being an observer in these matters does not always help one. By all vrookner appearances, they seem like the perfect couple.

LOOK AT ME by Anita Brookner | Kirkus Reviews

The mouth and bookner about it, was her most important feature: There are indicators that the novel aat set in the era of its publication, the early s, but they are few and far between: I did not need them; I simply wanted to kill the day. It certainly won’t be my last Brookner. She refuses to change, and in the end the Fraziers and James grow tired of her, and she remains despairingly and depressed, having lost what she feels was her only hope for happiness in her later years.

Lac leman of the title I know very well indeed and that might slightly colour my enthusiasm for the book, so you have fair warning!

Or a happy beginning. She’s been left a substantial amount of money and inherited the large flat they shared. Open Preview See a Problem? And since I had apparently understood so little, I could not even blame him.

I found Frances a fascinating character even more so than the others.