Dracula has 47 ratings and 1 review. Ebster said: The thing I liked best about this adaptation is that Renfield is a major character. He’s my favorite ch. Dracula by Bram Stoker, and the play by Liz Lochhead. I have a love-hate relationship with this book. It’s fascinating, it’s quite a fun read in many ways, and it has. But in Liz Lochhead’s feminist Dracula the sexual politics implicit in the original become Dracula at Theatre by the Lake (Keith Pattison).

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Lorenzo Scala rated it it was amazing Sep 11, And of course, while the doctors try to control everything, it’s the subversive women, foreigners and madmen who are really taking control. They are stored locally on your locyhead or mobile device.

The Coppola film, which I confess to loathing, had Seward as an opiate addict as well. Here it is again, since it really is too fabulous to pass up.

Dracula (adapt. Lochhead) – Drama Online

Sitting pretty on its cleft cliff. Lochhead also goes into the way this text medicalises women just for being women.

Yes a thousand times. Ian rated it really liked it Jan 03, Hope rated it it was amazing May 09, I saw it when I was an undergrad and was enthralled. Lochhead is far more aware of the complicated system of oppression going on in this text, and she is writing with sympathy for the ones being oppressed, while Stoker tends to treat them with a distancing, nervous jocularity.

Heta Nikula rated it liked it Draculw 11, Near Birmingham, red dust, the smoke from my father’s factories. Ideal for schools and drama groups, this Dracula is all the more chilling for the respect it shows for Stoker’s original nightmare creation.


Dracula (adapt. Lochhead)

This foreshadows the way Lucy is staked, which is universally read as a metaphorical gang rape. I am drwcula entirely sure how far Dr Seward’s behaviour is considered to be unprofessional by the standards of his time, but I’d guess that it is meant to be to a certain extent, while to a modern reader it is far more shocking.

Want to perform this play? Since I’ve not read the book about Irving, tell me all about it! Plus it’s a high-stress job, and I bet doctors have always had a reputation for drug use, not just today.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Seward, being medical, asks briskly, “Does she have a lochhaed of normal female functions? I do recall the intro to the Penguin edition talking about Stoker’s obsessive relationship with Irving. Rosie rated it really liked it Jun 03, And Stoker was one hell of a junkie himself, of course. Press Quotes ‘Despite remaining faithful to Bram Stoker’s original, Lochhead’s version grapples with contemporary preoccupations: Baylee rated it liked it Dec 29, I really don’t know much about Disassociative Identity Disorder, and I’m not sure it’s meant to be a literal form of that, but theatrically it absolutely works character lochheaad goes on all through the play, with great significance – the same lochuead also plays the silent housekeeper to the Westermans and one of the vampire bridesand it’s done with compassion.

Dracula by Liz Lochhead

I will freckle far too easily, my hair just won’t do the right thing. SKal’s annotated edition for Christmas, so perhaps it should be soon! But that’s not to suggest that the medical pattern isn’t a potent thing in its own right He inhabits a cage above the stage, commenting on the play throughout and often in poetry at that, revealing hidden truths and generally being like the Fool in Lear.


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You must definitely read the play, it’s fantastic. Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, Paperback96 pages.

Also by Liz Lochhead: George McGowan rated it it was ok Jun 01, Unthinking, I bit and sucked then suddenly flung it from me in a real rage at its beauty. Gabby rated it really liked it Sep 01, It’s really fascinating on the background of Stoker, his millieu and his relationship with his boss, Henry Irving: Great point – it’s an interesting, subversive depiction of male vulnerability, much like Jonathan’s encounter with Dracula’s brides A dark and visceral coming-of-age vampire love story, based on the acclaimed novel and film.

There are some things here I’d picked up on, like the sexualised staking of vampire! The blood transfusions are all done without Lucy’s knowledge while she is drugged, and later referred to as a kind of marriage.

It’s fascinating, it’s quite a fun read in many ways, and it has bits of endearing geekiness, but it also tends to be disturbing and often downright offensive. I’d like to swim far out, not drown.