As veias abertas da América Latina (Portuguese Edition) by [Galeano, Eduardo]. Kindle App Ad Um livro (infelizmente) atual. A L relança As veias abertas da. 11 abr. Autor disse que “As Veias Abertas da América Latina” foi escrito por um jovem sem conhecer devidamente economia política. Livro: As veias abertas da América Latina – Eduardo Galeano.

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There is much in it on the history of natural resources in Latin America the “veins” referred to refer primarily to silver, and only secondarily to I ended up skimming large sections — and thus called it a day. Primarily, Galeano’s book is a long litany on the abuse of Latin America. It’s also a book of its time the early 70’s and conditions have improved in americw of the situations Galeano describes – because of his writings in part. Memory of Livrl, Volume 1 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

We could still use a major attitude adjustment in our dealings with Latin America. No es una revision desapasionada de algunos episodios de la historia latinoamericana de los ultimos anios.

Due to this criticism, when I picked up this book I had mixed feelings about it. History in Latin America. I took a class in college titled something like “U.

Livro: As veias abertas da América Latina – Eduardo Galeano | videos pinterest | Pinterest | Videos

Isabel Allende, in the introduction, praises Galeano’s ability for story telling, ending with one of his quotes: Praising Cuba from wanting to move away from overly relying on sugarcane production, ‘Cubans [now] work for 12 months a year in the he continuous job of building a new society’, he then goes on for a dozen pages praising communism in Cuba.

No reason to die if you can keep on living the way you like, after all. The topic of this book is wildly important. The only advocation is briefly mentioned at the end of the book, where he calls for a revolution from below, which is fitting, if not too useful, considering he wrote the book shortly after the upheavals of It’s therefore salient that though Latin America has indeed made a shift to the left over the precious few decades, it also very strongly did that on the back of capitalist society, the very thing so vehemently denounced by Galeano.


As Veias Abertas da América Latina by Eduardo Galeano (3 star ratings)

Who don’t have culture, but folklore. I knew this in a general way before reading this book, but this book really brings latins the ceaseless, grinding, cruel nature of the story. If not the Americans, the local elites as puppets of the Americans are exploiting America. The pimps of misery coexist with the large estate.

The Opening chapters of this book are fascinating! Te abre los ojos. Galeano wrote Open Veins of Latin America in Uruguay while working as an independent journalist and editor and while employed in the publishing department of the University of the Republic.

This page was last edited on 6 Decemberat Como puntos positivos, el autor presenta una mirada diferente al desarrollo economico o la falta de el de America Latina. Living and working conditions in industrial Northern Europe were abysmal during the industrial revolution, though, granted, not as bad as for slaves in Latin America.

Evan Lemire No that’s a hit piece and was taken way out of context. There’s a certain emotional fatigue that sets in after the first hundred pages or so that made it just so hard to keep going in the face of page after pa This was a tough, tough read. Who do not have names, but numbers. Relevant discussion may be found on the talk page. And, some of the footnotes that are there, were added later, so it’s for example not clear who proclaims that ‘all Soviet-made heavy equipment is of excellent quality, though that is not true of consumer goods produced by its light or medium sized industry’, either way betraying the author’s myopic leftist vision.


Galeano: realidade mudou e não voltaria a ler seu livro mais conhecido

The empty caves constitute the vast and peripheral capitalism. Good book and very thought veizs but would be better if the author wrote in a simpler manner without over complicating concepts. Galeano twice, even, after he first moved to Argentina.

I think it was worth the time.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. But, well-written as it is, it is hard to read because it is so thorough and because the oppression and exploitation recounted is so unrelenting. This book can be enjoyed and understood better if one has a good knowledge of Latin American history.

The book was researched and written in the s. Trivia About Open Veins of Lat Because of vrias colonial history, Latin Gakeano was sufficiently fragmented that it never developed the unity and scale that would allow it to develop on its own. Perhaps, Galeano’s primary achievement was to unlock an obfuscated history of the Latin American continent. The Spanish and Portuguese beat on the indigenous people, and then then English beat on all of them while watching them beat on each other until the Americans came along and did more of the same.