STMicroelectronics LISDL: available from 8 distributors. Explore Sensors on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs and availability. LISDL from STMICROELECTRONICS >> Specification: MEMS Accelerometer , 3-Axis, Digital, X, Y, Z, ± 2g, Technical Datasheet: LISDL Datasheet. LISDL datasheet, LISDL circuit, LISDL data sheet: STMICROELECTRONICS – MEMS motion sensor 3-axis – ±2g/±8g smart digital output piccolo.

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I have been trying all the things I can think of but am unable to get them to talk to each other. But you have it as a ‘0’. Thu Feb 05, 3: It shows that for a read operation the first bit out the MSB is supposed to be a ‘1’ bit. Look at the SPI timing diagrams on each of these web pages below.

Next task is to interface the LCD to the micro See page 26 in the datasjeet. Wed Feb 04, 2: I have been looking at the data sheet.


Hi, I was facing the same issue with this accelerometer of getting always. All I am getting on the LCD is and it does not change. I had goofed up the SPI frequency to be given to the accelerometer.

Some of the posts helped. I have checked my connections multiple times. But what about Treanla’s comment about the power-down mode? Even with the registers the way they where before shouldnt I be getting something other than all the time? You must initialize the chip, its default turned off.

LISDL 데이터시트(PDF) – STMicroelectronics

Sun Feb 08, 2: I think I am going to order another one and give it another try. Set your preferences in register 0x20 and 0x21 See page in the datasheet.

Fri Feb 06, 2: Dead line in 3 days and I am yet to write into a register, wuph Please do not post bug Reports on this forum. I will post back if I am still facing the issue. To save you some time.


LIS302DL Datasheet

Thu May 13, 9: Below is the code I have been trying. The chip is powered-down by default. All times are GMT – 6 Hours.

Thu Feb 05, 6: It shows that the clock SPC idles at a high level and does a datssheet transition in the middle of each data cell. There are a few things: Here’s what the manual says: This is only the second SPI device I have used.

That’s SPI mode 3. Due to an errata in 18f, I need a NOP between the spi statements otherwise the chip will hang.

MEMS Motion Sensor 3-axis – ± 2g/± 8g Smart Digital Output piccolo Accelerometer

See the line in bold below for the required changes. I have searched the forum the best I can lis302d, have borrowed code from some posts.

Send them to support ccsinfo.