Northport is a station on the Port Jefferson Branch of the Long Island Rail Road. It is located at Northport is one of the most elaborate LIRR stations. the current station is just east of the Northport Spur, which branched off the main and headed . Northport LIRR station commuters accustomed to shelter in the station’s year- old waiting room will have to alter their routine this summer. See 27 photos and 19 tips from visitors to LIRR – Northport Station. “The parking lot is huge! If you get lost just keep walking up. The station “.

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Schedules & Fares

Here are a couple of great pictures of the RDC cars on the Northport spur from the mid ‘s. Side platformdoors will open on the northportt or right. I seem to recall that some of the old-fashioned crossbucks that nrthport to guard the crossings on Laurel Hill, Elwood and 25A not sure if there ever were any at Church Street crossing were in place nprthport a while after the tracks were ripped.

The black line in the first map shows my guess of the ROW of this spur. View is toward Laurel Road once known as the Trolley Road, but that’s another story.

One south of the tracks and the biggest is north of the tracks. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat I saw an old photo of them once. This left a short approximately 2 mi. Between that period, the original Northport station was renamed Old Northport station, while at some point in or before”New” Northport station was lirrr “Northport East” station.


You can see part of the fill in this overexposed shot. Afterward, the spur was entirely used for freight service. The pedestrian bridge is wide enough for this extra construction, and the bridge’s stairway on the far nortthport of the station has a landing on the same level as the unbuilt outbound platform, symmetrical with the landing on the other side which is part of the existing platform.

The spur has not seen a passenger train since I’m standing on Church Street with Rte. ,irr Huntington Area Rapid Transit: Looking west on Laurel Hill over crossing. Northport Station nlrthport two large parking lots.

The gated facility is one of at least 2 lumber yards the branch served in its final decades. The Port Jefferson Branch has one track at this location. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. DUKE interlocking ends at a switch back to the main.

A second platform, for an extension of the siding, or a full second track, was originally planned for the station.

Northport Train Schedule – Long Island Railroad

It also served as the south end of a trolley Line into Northport from to norrthport Passenger service ended in The line was torn up by at the latest.

To the right not pictured is where Maplewood veers off sharply, away from ROW. Retrieved from ” https: The original line which lead directly into a station within Northport Villagesince April 25,became the Northport Branch.

The current station house was rebuilt aroundalthough some sources claim it was in I don’t think it was serviced by the LIRR as it did not have its own siding. Freight service continued untilwhen the branch was abandoned. They were contributed by Merritt Mullen, who adds “maybe someone in Northport might remember me, although I haven’t been back there for about 45 years.


It is wide enough for the after mentioned south platform to be constructed. A pedestrian bridge is set up between the lots. This station has one car-long high-level side platformnorth of the track.

Directly before the station and lasting until the track runs adjacent to Bellrose Avenue Schoola passing noorthport spurs off from the mainline and runs adjacent to it. Retrieved November 21, — via Newspapers. Views Read Edit View history. The switches are maintained by two position light signals next to the switches. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

The track lay northpor untilwhen it was torn up in preparation for the unbuilt Babylon Northport Expressway. I’m not sure how much of a success this has been. When this was the end of the branch from Hicksville c.

Just east of Larkfield Road, the siding turns south and runs parallel to the lir. The following pictures and commentary of the current status of the Northport Spur were also contributed by Mark Kolodny. The siding is used on occasion for train meets, where an eastbound and westbound trains to pass.