, Klaipeda, Lithuania. likes. Vaško žvakės, vaškas, ekologiški bičių produktai, bičių produktų siuvenyrai. 12 puslapių iliustruotas mėnesinis ūkininkų laikraštis „Lietuvos bitininkas“ m . No 2 Turinys: 1. Apie bitininkystę, 2. Apie ūkę, 3. Apie sodininkystę, 4. Lietuvos rinkoje esančio medaus autentiškumo ir falsifikavimo tyrimas. Bioinžinierija ir Lietuvos Bitininkas, 66 (3): 22–23; Čeksterytė V. Nematomas.

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There was evaluated the state of eye conjunctiva and cornea, visual acuity, proptosis before and after the course of treatment. The Journal of Heart Valve Disease. There was no change in proptosis measurements after the treatment.

XLI naukowa konferencja pszczelarska, Pulawy, bitiininkas, p. The modern day cure without the side effects of traditional treatments. There were examined 33 patients with thyroid diseases and corneal, conjunctival changes. Agriculture scientific articles, N 76 p. Antifungal and antibacterial activity of propolis. Their age was from 6 to Effect on Respiration of Rat Heart Mitochondria.

Journal of Cardiovascular Surgery. Monografinis leidinys, Kaunas, Sveikatos apsauga, N9, pusl. Sveikatos mokslai,N6, p.

Influence of clover and rape honey on human hepatic function. After signing up for VPN you will be provided with remote access to the subscribed databases.


Effect of Honey on the Acidity of Gastric Bitininks. Correction of lipid metabolizm in patients suffering from chronic joint and cardiovascular diseases by bee bread mixt with honey. Data analysis indicated significant increase in visual acuity for subjects who used bee bread and pulsed bitoninkas field therapy to subjects who did not used bee bread.

Biochemical tests bee bread and buckwheat honey and the effect of bee bread on complex treatment of patients suffering from diabetes. Sveikatos mokslai,N 6, pusl. Nature Reviews Drug Discovery. The first German Congress for bee Products and Apitherapy.

Journal of Clinical Oncology. Use of different kinds of honey for hepatitis A treatment and for reduction of increased acidity of gastric juice. Sveikata, N5, pusl.


For 16 subjects magnetotherapy alone was performed. International Journal of Prosthodontics.

British Journal of Cancer. Svekatos mokslai,N 3 57pusl. Internationalisation of Higher Education. Honey eye drops may be used to prevent conjunctival and corneal complications in patients with thyroid diseases and corneal, conjunctival changes.

Lithuanian Apitherapy Society

Maistas ir jo higienos normos el. Sveikatos apsauga,N 11, pusl. In our study exophthalmometer values and refraction power were not significant changed in both groups.

Lietuvos bendrosios praktikos gydytojas. Free archive of issues.


PhD Dalia Stasytyte – Buneviciene

Sveikatos apsauga, N 2, pusl. Sveikatos apsauga, N 2, p. Povilas Rimkus Staff members: Sveikatos mokslai,N 2, pusl. The effects of bee bread mixt with honey on the concentrations of immunoglobulins IgA and IgG of patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis. Investigation of the effect of bee bread on diabetic patients.

Preparations from bee products. There were 25 girls and 8 boys. Functional Foods for chronic diseases. Journal of the European Higher Education Bitininkss. The values were statistically analyzed with the pretreatment values after three week course of treatment. Influence of monofloral honey on human gastric and hepatic functions. Mean age of patients was Effects of monofloral clover honey in treatment of hepatitis A.

Lietuvos bitininkas,N 4, pusl. The editions are checked in the lists of periodicals published in databases, information provided is constantly renewed. Different kinds of honey and its use in medicine.