LEGO set database: Metro Park & Service Tower. Find great deals for Lego Town Classic Metro Park And Service Tower (). Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for Lego Town – Metro Park/service Tower 99 Complete Boxed Instructions Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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I got this one as my usual Christmas big lego boxe and played hours with it. With the roof in place, we’re ready to put in the final details, like this little Shell-sponsored vacuum cleaner on the path to 63994 car wash. Other pieces of interest in this set legl the minifig motorcycle, the large assortment of car parts, the car wash brushes and the jack. If you grew up on the more recent instructions, you might actually find this a more difficult build than you’re used to.

As a wee lad I always enjoyed causing 63394 and destruction in this way. Great review man– there’s a lot of great sets out there we’ve purchased as AFOLs, but there’s no matching the attachment and history of a set you’ve received and enjoyed as a kid.

You’ll figure this out quickly enough as you move to the next step, where you’ll need the brick for support, but it can be a bit confusing at first. Compare this to the instructions of the similarly themed Service Station from most importantly parts 2 and 3 and you’ll quickly spot the difference. The front of the instructions features an overview of the set as seen on the box’s front, as well as some of the set’s main features: This is my favorite Lego town set from my childhood and the biggest one too!

Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Notice the yellow covering the entire bottom of the vehicle.


It was the first large Lego set I ever got, provided me with more building and playing pleasure than pretty much any other set and it spent many hours as the center of my town and my town stories. It probably disappeared in there nearly 20 years ago. Featuring six identical faces, the minifigs in this set are defined by their torsos. The box, courtesy of BrickLink.

At pieces, this is the largest Town set released in and the third largest released in entirely according to Brickset, only Test Car and Black Monarch’s Castle eclipse it at and pieces, respectively. The 4 lsgo cars take me right back to my I want one again plus the fuel pumps are cool and in a way better than the ones in some respects of looking more like real ones that still even stand out of the front of most servo’s I go to these days.

Instructions For LEGO 6394 Metro Park and Service Tower

The tower itself is quite a fun build. From here on, the parking structure pretty much repeats its first stages for the top floor and we start lefo build more of the gas station.

It’s a bit bigger than the other cars and follows quite a different building pattern. The other day i was trying to build something just like this for my town.

Again, great review and thanks for putting this together! Sign In Sign Up. As an adult, I’m torn with the concept of Classic Town And an excellent idea for TLG to revive and bring up to today’s City scale.

While many sets from the late eighties have gotten recent updates became and became part ofa modern update of remains unreleased. It’s great to have such a large set that is all geared towards servicing the citizens of Legoland. Also, there’s a Shell torso, which is pretty uncommon.

But when it comes to putting this model in a town made up of more recent City sets, you might run into a slight scale difference. Ah, the good old days. And I’m not alone. Some red lights inform drivers the car wash is a one-way street. I imagine the lift could be Power Functions powered. I knew I had to have it.


Peeron: Metro Park & Service Tower (#)

This can be a little confusing, so you’ll have to pay 3694 here. Blue, a fancy multi-colored car with a deluxe sunroof for our well-dressed Grey Pants Man and a simple red car with a white roof for our lady driver.

Some small pieces are not included in the image below they are in the build sectionbut they are only minor exclusions.

The blue lift stand I’ve never seen before. Customers can go through the electric car wash. There’s always been some scale cheating in Lego Town and it’s perfectly fine the vehicle doors can’t open when the cars are parked close together.

Plenty to do on site, and plenty vehicles included to drive across your town. Thanks for a beautiful review, from a golden age of history when car parks were considered exciting!

The nostalgia shot is wonderful – look at the expression of awe on your younger self It’s a shame that jack piece is no longer in production. Because let’s face it, parking cars isn’t all that exciting. The next step also reveals an interesting technique levo the operation of the car wash: Of leog you can always replace the hinge bricks by some simple 2×1 bricks and separate the two parts entirely, but for review purposes we’re judging the unmodified set. The picture at the very top of this review remains the only picture I have of the box intact.

Edited April 15, by Mr. These instructions go through the model swiftly and economically.