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Review first published on www. To state the laws of nature is not to describe or explain all possible histories of all possible universes.

Time Reborn – Lee Smolin

He revorn this is necessary: A scientist who subscribes to the Platonic picture is not in fact that far from being a kind of priest.

Those burdened by the metaphysical presupposition that the purpose of science smolon to discover timeless truths represented by timeless mathematical objects might think that eliminating time and so making the universe akin to a mathematical object is a route to scientific cosmology. Neither the measuring instruments we use to interact with a quantum system nor the clock we use to measure time can be described in the language of quantum mechanics—nor can we, as observers, be so described.

Which makes the fact that I’m really not buying into Mr. May 17, at 8: Dear Nathalie, I understand that you are concerned that by discussing philosophical and methodological issues in public we may mislead laypeople to confuse ideas in progress with settled facts.

In his new book, the point of view is more that of philosophy.

By infinite regress I mean that each explanation, itself, needs to be explained in terms of some prior whether historically or foundationally explanation, and so on forever: Order by newest oldest recommendations. That which has a reason not in terms of that which also has a reason, nor of that which MUST not have a reason, but of that which doesn’t NEED a reason.

Specifically, he held a belief that all things that happen in the universe have an exact cause. This explains why, when we look around, the images the light carries gives us information about the matter in the universe. The fact is, the majority of books that claim to be about time tell you nothing.


The Itme Universe and the Reality of Time Refresh and try again. Any description of how Nature works is going to have some postulate or rule that does not itself evolve and which is not reciprocally acted upon by what it guides.

I would like to say that I was immediately attracted by the elegance of the scheme, but that would not be true.

Time Reborn

So the main idea is not to reject timeless law, expressed in partly mathematical language, it is to find more elegant description and rehorn economical explanation. As followers of Karl Popper say, it is not clear that the theory is falsifiable. The simplest way to avoid the eternal dead universe would be if the universe had enough density of matter to stop the expansion and cause it to collapse.

However, to do so seems to bring back pernicious problems of non locality and ‘spooky action’, but Smolin gives us a cute way out of this by suggesting non locality seems true on a global scale but on his geometrically determined spacetime, the building blocks can be both very close and far away.

Yes, but rebotn to see the other side, hear them out, and then allow one’s self to step back, take a deep breath, and confirm that nope. In other words, if everything originated in The Big Bang, then light originated there too. His is an attempt to get back to basics. And maybe we are. A cosmology of the entire universe may involve principles that we cannot detect in that kind of limited environment.

Time Reborn: From the Crisis in Physics to the Future of the Universe by Lee Smolin

In fact, I never even made it to Smolin’s section, because the first half of the book, authored by Unger, contained a lot of assumptions with which I wasn’t really willing to get on board. There are few ideas that, like our notion of time, shape our thinking about literally everything, with major implications for physics and beyond—from climate change to the economic crisis.


Much more could be said about sjolin interesting book. This book closed that gap for me. Teborn suggests that genuinely new quantum entanglements, for which we have predictions but no experimental results, could falsify the principle of precedence.

The equations of electromagnetism allow the universe to being with light traveling freely. Like most popularisers of science, Lee Smolin reacts to this challenge by just leaving out the maths. Bad news if you’re concerned for the Truth of your theory. Many others will simply not be able to cope.

Time Reborn by Lee Smolin – review

The quote above doesn’t end its sentence there; the next part is “–to explain the real only by the real, and the time-bound only by the time-bound. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Physics has been trying to marry these up into one theory for about seventy years and we haven’t got too far. Hopefully they can make a toy model work and actually generate some law-like patterns of behavior. Thanks for telling us about the problem. That’s why, Smolin goes reobrn to say, time appears simply as one optional parameter in physical calculations based on math that is time-reversible–whereas everyday experience and the Second Law of Thermodynamics tell us that time is both real and irreversible.

Dear MNP, Sorry for the delayed response to your excellent questions.

First, he wants to put time center stage, and say that it really does exist in its own right. View all 75 comments.