Laughing Gas [P.G. Wodehouse] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Due to a gaseous malfunction while simultaneously undergoing dental. Laughing Gas by PG Wodehouse. Wodehouse is usually thought of as a quinessentially British writer, but the fact is that he spent some time in. Laughing Gas is a rare Wodehouse dalliance with the science-fiction Read a book by P.G. Wodehouse in and reply to the original.

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He goes to the dentist and a young blond blue-eyed child star goes to the dentist and they each are put on laughing gas for the extraction. Psmith was a caricature of a Socialist, and, inasmuch as Wodehouse was, in no way, political, Psmith fell away wodehkuse, by the ‘s, had turned into the aristocratic, middle-aged fun-maker, Uncle Fred.

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In spite of the stupid plot device, this book was incredibly funny. Mar 15, Emily rated it it was amazing. Dec 16, Kate rated it it was ok.

Laughing Gas (novel) – Wikipedia

How to write a great review. Set in Hollywood, where the Wodehouses lived in andLaughing Gas follows the adventures of Reggie Swithin, who has unexpectedly become the third Earl of Havershot after the supply of eligible uncles and cousins has given out.

His hero in this story is a naive and shallow aristocrat who, by virtue of a mix up at the dentist, ends up body swapping with a Hollywood child star. He has sworn to literally “poke” all the unpleasant people around him “in the snoot”, starting with his press agent and the director of a recent film of his. How will he escape the draconian eyes of Joey’s agent and manager long enough to warn April June of the impending snoot-poke? Lord Emsworth and Others. Biff Sock Pow Finding the humor in everyday life.


Laughing Gas

He is 28, unmarried, and has a face like a gorilla. Wodehouse but this was not one of my favorites. Laughinv, Girls, and Monty Bodkin. The Man Upstairs and Other Stories. But say what you will we generally have a young man in love with the wtrong girl – or hopelessly in love with the right girl. The P G Wodehousian humour is sharp, witty and things move at a fast pace leaving everyone happy and satisfied at the end as situations unravel and then ravel.

Brinkmeyer, Hollywood film mogul, and his middle-aged sister, Miss Brinkmeyer, who turns out to be particularly nasty. All this happens in the course of only two days.

The main character Reggie 27 is a good egg and v This wodehouee my 19th book by Wodehouse and definitely not the last one! Of course, I had read stories where much the same sort of thing had happened, but I had never supposed that a chap had got to budget for such an eventuality as a possible feature of the programme in real life.

2016 Reading Challenge: Laughing Gas (for troubled times)

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For more on Wodehouse and this book see the web site at www. Burwash, Zizzbaum’s rival—they have a common waiting-room—exactly at the same time as Reggie. Three out of five stars. Reggie finds himself in the dentist’s waiting room at the same time as the child star Joey Cooley is due for an extraction. His family have rounded him up and sent him off to Hollywood after laubhing Cousin Eggy, the family black sheep, who apparently intends to marry some awful Hollywood female.

Wodehouse fans who’ve already read all his other books. It wodehoouse this brief sojourn in Hollywood that inspired some of his most hilarious stories. This is Wodehouse at his peak, which means it was written in the mid’s. This time I listened on cd and loved it. Having said that there was one phrase I loved and plan to use it at my earliest convenience in fact it maybe sums up my struggle The child film star Wodehouae 12 while still has a childish qualities is often more mature and experienced than Reggie.


The fault for a lot of that does rest with the author, who has chosen to present it as a first person narration, meaning for large parts we only get one half of the circle. Will Reggie be able to set things right before Joey wrecks his life by punching everyone he dislikes in the snoot?

Joey Cooley is a golden-curled child film star, the idol of American motherhood.

Laughing Gas by P.G. Wodehouse

Jan 17, Joy Stephenson lauhging it liked it. Notify me of new posts via email. Walk straight up to her and grab her by the wrist and glare into her eyes and make your chest heave. And my whole family is probably going to be subjected to my reading them passages for the next month.

Jeeves, Psmith, the Blandings Castle crowd. Laughing Gas tells the story of the Earl of Havershot, better known as Reggie to his friends.

I had thought lauthing first, when she closed her eyes, that she had done so merely in order to listen better, but wodrhouse was apparently not the case. August 2, at 3: A few notable exceptions – I loved the kidnappers. I never met him. Our protagonist – under the influence of laughing gas at the dentist’s office -switches identity with a child film star. Wodehouse is usually thought of as a quinessentially British writer, but the fact is that he spent some time in the infamous writing-cages of Hollywood, emerging a harder and bitterer man.

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