All the Myriad Ways [Larry Niven] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Book. All the Myriad Ways [Larry Niven, Dean Ellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Second printing of this early collection of short works by this. All the Myriad Ways [Larry Niven, Dean Ellis] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An early collection of short works. Includes: All the Myriad.

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Deutsch provides infinitely more time and chance for evolution to play with–in his theory, the world we live in one of an uncountable infinity of parallel worlds. It was enough to confuse any citizen, let alone Detective-Lieutenant Gene Trimble, who had other problems to worry about. Usually there was no note.

All the Myriad Ways

The most famous story is no doubt Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex in which Niven points out the difficulties of Superman ever having children with a human woman- L.

They were all like that. Small wonder, thought Trimble.

If the general public believed what Deutsch says, I would predict a wave of senseless crimes and suicides–except among the “old-fashioned” religious believers who still clung to some outdated sense that there is a Higher Power who will hold them to account for their actions.

Sciency science fiction short stories from about by the great Larry Niven. Each of these trying to deal, alone, with the city’s endless, inexplicable parade of suicides. A dozen miracles had originated in a single, technologically advanced timeline, one in which the catastrophic Cuban War had been no more than a wet firecracker.

All the Myriad Ways – Wikipedia

His work is primarily hard science fiction, using big science concepts and theoretical physics. Even among this past year’s epidemic of suicides, Ambrose Harmon’s death would stand out like Lyndon Johnson in a lineup.

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Trimble thought of another man, a nonentity, passing a firearms store. Myriav worlds were still all nomad; civilization had lost out.

A Future Metaphysics: All the Myriad Ways

What’s the point of a short-story collection if you can’t drag it out. And he picked the gun off the newspapers, put it to his head and fired. Gene Trimble looked at the clean and loaded gun on his desk. Refresh and try again.

He did a year of graduate work in mathematics at the University of California at Los Angeles. For every wise choice you bled your heart out over, you had made all the other choices too.

They make it pretty obvious that the stories are all about the clever idea and not about anything else. For example, while I’d never read this book, I had read most of its stories within other collections. Nothing overly complex, just some really latry, short ideas!

She had chosen only young men. Elsewhen, another animal had first done murder with an antelope femur.

Whatever was used, the victim had had it all along; he never actually went out and bought a suicide weapon. Unbearable, to think that all the might-have-beens were as real as herself. Aug 01, Patricia rated it liked it Recommends it for: Lay the parts out in order. There are also a number of early Known Space stories You can see shades of some of his longer books in this, and the development or a “known universe” set of stories.

Going out to watch the dawn. If the suicides are a new kind of plague, what about the other crimes? A woman had moved through the back row of a dark theater, using an ice pick to stab members of the audience through the backs of their seats. He had invested tremendous sums to back harebrained quixotic causes.


And Harmon was the nive behind Crosstime. I’m impressed by his breadth of vision and the scope of his imagination, even though I disagree with his final outcome. It had hit other cities too. Aug 08, Michael Bafford rated it liked it.

Now, riding up in the elevator, he thought only, Reporters. Now, because one of the harebrained causes had paid off, he was richer than ever. I used to read Larry Niven’s stories voraciously as a kid. Somewhere in the back of his mind was a prodding sensation: I’ve read a good deal of Larry Niven over the years.

Niven is a big ideas guy, on a rank only below Asimov, IMO.

All the Myriad Ways Overview

And picked the gun off the newspapers, looked at it for a long moment, then dropped it in the drawer. David DeutschepistemologyevolutionfundamentalismHarry Potter universeHugh Everettinformation theoryLarry Nivenmultiversequantum physicssuicide.

I didn’ I liked several of the stories in this book, but I think it was a mistake to throw three non-fiction essays in the nivfn. Reading his newspaper at breakfast, and there’s another story from Crosstime: I’m not dismayed by the counter-intuitive nature of the concept, but there’s more about Deutsch’s model that makes it incompatible nivn humanity, whether or not it is scientifically sound.

Yet I don’t see it catching on with the general public. He briefly attended the California Institute of Technology and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in myriadd with a minor in psychology from Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, in