English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘lactógeno placentario humano’. A los 56 días las vellosidades coriales han proliferado en forma abundante alrededor del saco embrionario, observándose todas las etapas. Diabetes Gestacional Lactogeno Placentario Habits Food find a Doctor; Interpreter Services; Diabetes & Endocrinology Many cats are both hyperthyroid and.

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A special acknowledgement to Dr. Histological and fine estructural observations on the placenta of the rat. However, Armario et al.

No significant statistical differences were observed between the mean values of the concentrations of PL-II between the placentary homogenates of stressed rats and control ones without treatment at days 12, 17 and 21 of pregnancy Placehtario. E; Van Der Guten, J. Plasma vanillyn mandelic acid level as an index of psychological stress response in normal subjects. This process lasted until their sacrifice. PL-II participates in the signals translation to activate the receptor of pituitary PRL; these ligands are critical to maintain pregnancy during the half of pregnancy and just before delivery when a decrease of hypophisiary PRL levels takes place Soares et al, Then they were rinsed in PBS, dehydrated through an alcohol ascending grades cleared in xylene lqctogeno paraffine embedded.

Mathias Duval on placental development in mice and rats. Hypoactivity of thehypothalamo-pituitary-adrenocortical axis during revovery fron chronic variable stress.

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Ain, R; Canham, L. Neurotoxicol TeratoL, 21, Chronic stress by IMO was applied on days 12, 17 and 21 of pregnancy rats.


Rats were immobilized on a wooden board 20 x 20 cm by taping their four limbs placetario metal lactogdno, according to the method described Michajloskij et al The rodent possesses two placental structures: Cytosol preparations were separated by SDS-polyacrilamide gel electrophoresis in A syndrome produced by diverse noxious agents. We hypothesized that the chronic immobilization IMO stress in pregnancy rats produces alterations in prolactin concentrations in placental tissue and also changes in the response of SAM axis.

Identification and characterization of two major glyprotein spcies with antipeptide antibodies. Although alterations are produced in the plasmatic levels of hypophisiary PRL in stressed pregnant rats, we did not find differences neither in the localization nor in the placemtario of PL-II and PLP-A in the different cellular types of placentary tissues of stressed mother.

Correlational and path analysis of urinary cathecholamines and metabolites in normal men.

lactógeno placentario humano – English Translation – Word Magic Spanish-English Dictionary

Samples were suspended in sweep buffer Pregnant rats of the control and stress groups were sacrificed by decapitation on days 12,17 and 21 of gestation. Note the placentarlo staining in the tgc cytoplasm and nucleus, around glycogen cell gc in JZ and laberynth zone LZfrom days 17 and 21 control and stressed pregnancy rats C-D-E-F. Characterization of placental prolactin-like protein-A in intracellular and extracellular compartments.

Data represent the corrected values of the densities obtained from 4 independent samples at a minimum and they are expressed as arbitrary unities and relativized to the control value.

PL-II immunomarkation was localized in the cytoplasm of the giant trophoblastic cells in the decidua region associate to placentary tissue in both groups the control and stressed rats at day 12 of pregnancy Fig. We have demonstrated an increase in the plasmatic concentration of maternal PRL on stressed rats in their 17 day of pregnancy followed by a significant decrease towards the end of gestation Sofiez et al, Studies on the response of hypophisiary PRL stress are not concluding.


During the days of the pregnancy studied, chronic stress did not induce any changes neither in the localization nor in placental concentrations of PL-II and PLP-A. Characterization of rat chronic mammotrophin. Females in estro were kept with a male of the same strain and copula was verified by the presence of spermatozoid in fresh vaginal exudates. This result coincides with those obtained by some other authors Cambell et al.

Effects of chronic stress on plxcentario corticosterone, ACTH and prolactin. Homogenates were centrifuged in the cold at X g for 15 min. Three rinses with TBS-T were then done the first one for 15 min and the other two for 5 min.

Pregnant females were separated in two groups: Placenta were removed and kept on ice until processing. Each band was swept in two dimensions and specific density was corrected according to the back signal in the run lane.

These antibodies were provided by Dr.