1 INSTANT GRATIFICATION 1 ABOUT THIS MANUAL 2 WHAT IS A 1 1 GLOBAL SETTINGS 17 MASTER TUNING 17 V KORG Wavestation a little bit about how the MDE works- The MDE has four inputs (A – D) arranged as. The Korg Wavestation A/D was an improved version of the classic Wavestation and Wavestation EX. It features XLR inputs and it’s possible to run external. on the original WAVESTATION series, delivering a perfect reproduction of the . Manual: Displays this Owner’s Manual. operating manual or the KORG App Help Center. 3. his sets the pitch of the waveform used by a patch, and ad-.

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Quintessential Korg patch with echoed percussion release. Also Reset All Controllers message. Superb loop, pad and soaring synth. Low frequencies are routed around the effect, and thus excluded from processing.

Up to 16 multi-timbral setups MultiSets can be defined, each including 16 Performances. Here is where you do it. A little detuning can enrich the sound. Suppose, for instance, that you wanted to send out a MIDI program change 14 to set up a system to play electric piano, acoustic bass, strings, and synth brass.

Patches rely on specific PCM waves played by their osciilators.

Only insert Wavestation-type cards with their labels facing upwards. Remember that this Macro can only do its work if the filter output contains enough sound material in the first place. Part 1 would sound fromPart 2 fromand so on. With four-oscillator structures, a two-dimentional graphic displays the values of each of the breakpoints but not the times of the envelope segments.


In a live situation with a single MIDI controller, however, this can be impractical.

Documents, presets, manuals Korg WaveStation A/D – Audiofanzine

Pitch, Filter, Amplifier, and Pan. Generally, the soft keys move you around within the Wavestation’s editing hierarchy.

The higher level is where you choose either parallel or series processing, and where you select one of the effects programs for FXl and FX2, These adjustments are covered in the next few sections.

If this produces sound, check to see that all your MIDI cable connections and channel assignments are correct. To get a basic response, instead of dealing with a dozen envelope parameters, you simply select “Piano,” “Qav,” “Strings,” and so on. This chapter covers basic MIDI operations such as these. Several destinations have additional, fixed modulation paths.

On top of this, add multi-voice synthesis functions such as envelope and LFO modulation for each sequence. The result of this vector-defined mixing is a complex, dynamic timbre.

WAVESTATION A/D/Performance Note

OMNI means that the Wavestation receives on all channels. However, specifications and operations are subject to change without notice. They show you where to go to immediately make the most useful changes – such waveetation editing filter brightness or amplifier velocity response — or to play with the fun things like Vector Synthesis and Wave Sequencing.


Objects have fallen, or liquid has been spilled into the product; or C. Do not operate for a long period of time at high volume level or at a level that is uncomfortable.

Korg Wavestation

Connect the Wavestation and switch everything on. In a Patch, each oscillator can have its own Wave Sequence. This guide does not cover programming custom sounds in depth. Single-clicking calls the JUMP page. Applying positive modulation to the Attack Velocity Mod parameter accelerates the attacks Amp Envelope time 1 of notes that you play harder.

Kassera anvant batteri enligt fabrikantens Instruktion.

So, it is ready to play in a basic set-up with a master keyboard controller and several sound modules layered together- All data, such as the full MIDI note range, preset selections, and wheels, are recognized by default in the wabestation Performances. Incredibly good and inspiring patch!!! Assign a Patch, or move to a different Part.