Similar to yoghurt, but better tasting and full of nutrients, Kefir is a valuable traditional fermented milk food that has been a staple in the diets of many nations . Kefir Rediscovered / The Nutritional Benefits of an Ancient Healing Food By Klaus Kaufman Published by Alive Books PO Box Burnaby British Columbia. This Page is automatically generated based on what Facebook users are interested in, and not affiliated with or endorsed by anyone associated with the topic.

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It contains enough Culture for 6 months of continuous Kefir, all the information you will ever need on the subject of Kefir and the revolutionary Patented Kefir Maker. The freeze dried Kefir Granules are everlasting, rediscoverex, they need to be awakened which is easily done in three phases. Once awakened the granules should be saved according to the rediscovsred for making kefir endlessly, forever!

Kefir is best made with whole milk. The fat in milk makes a thicker Kefir.

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Open the silver foil envelope, which holds the kefir granules. Place the granules in a ceramic tea ball or enclosed gauze pouch. Then place this into a cup of milk room temperatureswish it around or dunk it to ensure that the granules are properly moistened.


Cover up and place the milk cup krfir top of the fridge or another warm place in the kitchen. Let it sit to ferment for hours, or even longer until the milk has thickened coagulated. The first time around the thick milk is not quite sour enough; therefore retrieve the granules and discard the milk.

Rinse the container of granules lightly under filtered water.

Never wash the granules with chlorinated water, as this would kill the culture lactic bacteria. Fill a new cup with the same type of milk and float your granules in the milk for a second time. Repeat this process once more for a third time.

Now that you have brought the Kefir granules from a dormant stage back to a living culture it should be ready to sour the milk. After a few weekswhen the culture is ksfir established, you should be able to make even larger batches — up to two liters at a time. Once the Kefir has soured and coagulated remove the gauze pouch containing the granules, place it in a cup of milk and store in the fridge until you use it again to make more kefir.


The culture granules can be kept like this for about 30 days, provided you change the milk every 10 days. Live Kefir, when refrigerated, keeps up to four weeks.

However, it is best to make fresh Kefir several times a week. It feeds on lactose milk sugar. You cannot then bring it back out to room temperature to turn your Kefir reediscovered cheese.

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Groceriesmiscellaneous Tag: Kefir Culture Natural Ltd. Description Reviews 0 Save on shipping! Phase II — The Real Thing Now that you have brought the Kefir granules from a dormant stage back to a living culture it redisccovered be ready to sour the milk.

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