Jeff Willet’s Lost Logs – This is a collection of Willet’s 18 week diet, supplement and cardio logs for his preparation for the Team Universe and. from Jeff Willet’s daily training journal and Skip La Cour’s website. . trying to increase lean muscle mass and/or lose body fat, and I plan to pay a access where I am working so I will still be able to log on and participate. And I doubt seriously Jeff Willet or Skip Lacour used Max Ot “exclusively” .. If you read any of Jeff Willet’s training logs now, he does over head.

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My only knock on it is how it sells itself as the perfect program and you should never go outside it.

I just wanted to send a quick email congratulating you on your great training DVD series. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Grab the new JSF mobile app! Originally Posted by denny To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I competed in my first show in after one year of training. The presentation is very professional and the instructional comments and tips are really going to benefit me in the gym I’m sure!

Can send either if ya like. His main point is to not fatigue the muscle, but just to overload it with heavy weights very quickly. Forum alerts on the main site, and more. It wasn’t until I was sixteen that I would start building my own physique. Kobe May 22, I felt like I had just unburied a hidden treasure. You’re already in pain.


I’ve been doing cardio 1. It seems like it would really get to be a grind after a while.

“Lost Logs” Final Days of Prep Clarification

Keep it Simple…Nutrition strategies that actually work! He was doing the MAXOT workout aillet a variation of itand it has all of his workout logs, diet logs, and cardio logs.

This special page book is a collection of motivational thoughts, concepts and training tips captured during my remarkable journey towards earning an IFBB logz card and becoming one of the greatest drug free bodybuilders in history… Learn More….

It is important to surround yourself with positive, supportive people for they will make your job easier when times are tough. This online video features a unique inside look at the exact methods I prescribed to Stuart MacDonald during his amazing body transformation AST Sports Science provides wiklet based supplements to enhance your metabolic pathways and increase your mental and physical performance.

Originally Posted by sebbbi I didn’t try dc but i can say that i gained a lot of mass with max-ot. I consistently use Max-OT principles in my training. I use basic free weight movements with heavy weight and low reps. Jeff is an expert on maximizing drug free results and can teach you I sometimes add volume, increase reps, add isolations, etc.

At the encouragement of my brother I joined my first gym. Now you can see the exact formula. Do you already have an account? But all other exercises are ok.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Body Weight Chart documenting my body weight changes for the entire year. Periodization is essentially the concept of meeting different objectives in your training over time i. I felt that a continuing education would help to further ,ogs competitive goals and it did. Would it be okay to omit the pre workout drink or is that a bad decision? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I do keep the average work load in and around sets and concentrate on compounds.


Same Food, Same Time!

It takes away all the guesswork when you are planning out your day. Any joint problems or injuries related to the heavy curls and lateral raise type movements? I wouldn’t say DC is far superior to anything.

Avatars by Sterling Adventures. This is Jeff Willet’s training journal for a long time leading up to a contest, where he’s cutting.

Same Food, Same Time! | Jeff Willet

Hi Jeff, When doing standing barbell presses do you keep your knees locked or are you using a little leg jdff to get the weight up? I also had the honor of being on 3 United States bodybuilding teams. I am big into splitting up my goals into meso-cycles, so right now I’m already in a similar phase as what Max-OT would be.

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