Jaya Kirana, Mangalore – Main Newspaper Advertising is a proven way to increase your product’s brand awareness. Find the Newspaper Rates that fit your . Phone, Suggest a phone number Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. likes. Posts about Jayakirana daily Kannada news paper. There are no stories . Jayakirana Epaper: JayaKirana is a popular Kannada language daily newspaper that is published from Mangalore and Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka, in.

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Tue, Mar 2 Those who are supporting the attack they cant be humans. Bengaluru Mangaluru Mysuru Middle East. But some paper especially in Mangalore spreading the venom of communism in society including abv mentioned paper.

They believe in barbaric laws. Why should I say lie? And will jaykairana the peace loving region. Crust of the problem is the minorities do not endorse sangh parivar as political party in the democratic set up. If Mahatma Gandhi could not do those days just forget it now when atmosphere is thoroughly communalised with some Indian showing extra territorial alleginace.

Truth is bitter and some people could not digest it, so they came on to the streets like mad dogs barking and biting. Be it a Hindu,Muslim,or Christian, everyone should be punished for violence or spreading hatred in the society. Newspaper circulation is number of copies printed whereas Readership is number of people who read it.

Enter the security validation. Sahil, UAE Wed, Mar 3 Dear brothers and sisters, Its very sad to see all the comments jayxkirana are just written to argue without knowing what are we wrighting and does these aggressions represent each of our religion? Developmental works in Jayakiranaa limits halted as contractors not paid money! Some of the hindu fundamental terrorist group supports these organization and create nuisance to peace living Indians.

They themselves dont seem to be sure whether they have done the right thing or not Why blame Pakistan for not taking action against terrorists, when there are enough and more terrorists in India itself. May God bless you. May lord show us the real culprits-Ameen. It is a pity that the state is experiencing a havoc with strict violation everywhere.


It is nothing but politics- ‘divide and rule’.

News Karnataka

When this controversy is too much, there starts the problem. Respondent under Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure, Superintendent of police Dr A S Rao visited both the offices and said that both acts were committed by the same group.

Anwar M, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 While the attack itsef is condemnable and serves no purpose, it is interesting to see pseudo-nationalists cry hoarse about this attack, Aren’t these papper same people who clapped when attacks on innocents by the Sangh Parivar took place with unfailing regularity, including one recently in Ullal where even little children were not spared just because they hapened to belong to the muslim community?

Popular Most Commented Bengaluru: Rajeshplease also tell us where we should chase your people??

The entire “secular” political class would have made a big hue and cry if Right Wing Hindu outfits had carried out such a attack. Where bible Says to “Forgive your enemies”. The fire was doused immediately by the firemen and this helped contain further damage.

If this is done by muslims ,i request them not to do so have patience. One of the miscreants had an iron rod while the others ransacked the office. Ivan D’Souza Mangaluru Shivabagh is his main place of business. This case was in context of a managing editor, resident editor or a chief editor of respective newspaper publications, who were parties therein.

Background Jaya Kiranaa Kannada newspaper, published from Mangalore, Karnataka, allegedly carried a news item containing certain allegations against Mohammed Abdulla Khan.

The court also said where defamatory matter is printed in a newspaper or a book etc and sold or offered for sale, whether the owner, thereof, can be heard to say that he cannot be made vicariously liable for the defamatory material carried by his newspaper etc.

India is democratic country and any kind of voilence,whatever for reason not at all acceptable. Be a Muslim I condom what was done as well as what was published. Asif, Mangalore Tue, Mar kayakirana Dhanjay,You jayakigana ignorant about the Monarchy rule in the Gulf as people of all religions are doing very well and should be thankful to the Gulf nations that they are not bias and do not hire or give trade licenses according to their religion.


Sahyadri Alumni Meet Only politician people are getting the advantage of such things. So no use to comment on such frog on the pond. Offering for sale or selling any such printed or engraved defamatory material is yet another paoer offence under Section IPC. It has to be stopped before taking the life of innocent people. Village adopted by MP Nalin Kumar is crying for help: Peter J Claus, first anthropologist to document Tuluva culture is no more Mangaluru Nazia,dxb, Mangalore Tue, Mar 2 If this is done by muslims ,i request them not to do so have patience.

A staff member nees that there were more than 10 miscreants in the group and most of them had used cloth pieces as masks. There must not be nsws rule like community wise These culprits should be punished in such a way that they should not dare vandalism once again in their life. That to constitute an offence under Section of IPCit must be established that the respondent is not only the owner of the newspaper but also sold or offered the newspaper for sale.

Mangalore Today

Dhananjay, Mangalore Wed, Mar 3 Crust of the problem is jayakirwna minorities do not endorse sangh parivar as political party in the democratic set up. I have taken the example of Islam, but this principle jayakirqna be applied across all religions. The magistrate took cognizance of the matter for the offences punishable under sectionsand of the Indian Penal Code. If he wants still to raise it to the Muslims, he has to become a Muslim first, start practicing it and then comment on it.

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