The Brinewall Legacy, an adventure by James Jacobs with support articles by Tim Nightengale It is the first of six chapters in the Jade Regent Adventure Path . Pathfinder Adventure Path: Jade Regent Part 1 – The Brinewall Legacy [James Jacobs, Paizo Staff] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Welcome to the first chapter of our Jade Regent campaign, The Brinewall Legacy ! Our neophyte adventurers in Sandpoint are drawn into long-hidden secrets by.

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Until now, that is. Conceptually, I am open to the premise. To ask other readers questions about Pathfinder Adventure Path 49please sign up. I found this to be a deeply unsatisfying resolution and I glared at the page a few times after reading it thrice.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here An investigation reveals mysteries and menaces aplenty, but also a treasure holding the answer to not just one of Varisia’s greatest mysteries, but a conspiracy spanning continents and empires. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I also appreciate that if the author is going to take the time to create verisimilitude with dynamic henchmen in the Brinewall ruins, it also makes sense to preserve the same verisimilitude when it comes to a naming regime for Eastern monsters and non-player characters.

Indeed, if anything, Ameiko, Shelalu, Koya, fhe Sandru are under-utilized in the module as presented. DeAnna rated it it was amazing Mar 07, Artwork from The Brinewall Legacy. While this has been a longstanding practice with creatures presented in the Bestiary 1that has not been the case with Bestiary 2 creatures until more recently.

You are commenting using your Lsgacy account. Open Preview See a Problem? Together with the new artwork that Wayne Reynolds developed back in Pathfinder 1those goblins have become the mascots of the entire Pathfinder brand. They certainly mattered to me. Jade Regent 1Pathfinder Adventure Path Kurt Henning rated it liked it Oct 28, Peat rated it really liked it Nov 27, I would have preferred this part of the adventure to have received more attention. One complaint I have with The Brinewall Legacy is probably unavoidable to a brinewwll given that the entire premise of the Jade Regent Adventure Path is to be an Eastern flavoured module series.


While some may object to this decision, those objections are misplaced. The fortress makes use of interesting angles for the orientation of the main keep which, however obvious the approach may be, is one not often taken by adventure authors.

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Chapter 1 – The Brinewall Legacy | Geek Related

It turns out that the child, named Tolo, hid from attackers during the sack of Brinewall within this storage bbrinewall after witnessing his parents cut down. Binewall and try again. This one is certainly one of the best written FR books I have read so far.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I would have preferred to see more potential backstory and interaction possibilities presented in the module and to leave whether or not that character interaction occurs up to the players and the GM. This volume also includes details on oni – wicked, shape-changing spirits – in the Pathfinder world, a detailed look at the village of Sandpoint and its environs, as well as an overview of the entire pulse-pounding Jade Regent campaign!

For some reason, Tolo records what happened as a drawing upon the wall using charcoal. This break from past form was well appreciated when it began in the Carrion Crown Adventure Path and the Jade Regent continues to omit these character stat blocks from the pages of the AP.

Notify me of new comments via email. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is impossible to meaningfully review an Adventure Path, even from a height of 30, feet, without giving away the lay of the land and the overall direction of the AP.

And can they withstand the ancient forces and secret destiny that have waited for them for decades? Brenna rated it really liked it Feb 18, Scott Andrews rated it really liked it Apr 05, The details provided are few for this aspect of the adventure and the emphasis is upon individual GMs to fill in those details of the trek north or not as the GM may prefer.


The encounter over and the clue obtained, the PCs move on. Rachel rated it liked it Jul 23, Then we rescue a barbarian chick from some holding cells.

James Jacobs obviously prefers a similar setting. Thereafter, the PCs might locate a charcoal drawing upon a wall that depicts the sack of Brinewall as recorded by the child as the horror of the invasion unfolded. Careful GMs will pay attention to the XP point level of their parties and be careful to supplement that XP level only as required.

Pathfinder Adventure Path #49: The Brinewall Legacy

Aug 08, Michele marked it as reference Shelves: When the Licktoad Goblins of Brinestump Marsh get ahold of a crate of fireworks, adventurers are needed to handle the explosive and annoying situation. Reset Fields Log in. I found this part of the tale worked brilliantly. While running the Age of Worms Adventure Path several years ago, it became abundantly clear that foes that used only the 3.

Pathfinder Adventure Path The present denizens of Brinewall are understandably creeped out by the sounds of this sobbing child and stay well clear of this storage area. Essentially, as a result of the climax of Iade I, the Heroes and Ameiko will hire a caravan to travel north to the ruined fortress of Brinewall in order to investigate it. Create a free website or blog at WordPress. I appreciate that this is the very point of this Adventure Path.