1 See: H. Izdebski, Samorząd terytorialny. Podstawy ustroju i działalności, Warszawa , passim; A. Jackiewicz, A. Olechno, K. Prokop, Samorząd terytorialny. Izdebski, H. (): Samorząd terytorialny. Podstawy ustroju i działalności, Warszawa. Kiljan, K. (): Referendum lokalne w świetle przepisów ustawy z Izdebski, Samorząd terytorialny: Podstawy ustroju i dziaáalnoĞci (Warszawa: LexisNexis, ), –34; B. Słobodzian, Wspóáczesny system samorządu.

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Topic of object is concentrated on notions and constitutional principles of territorial structures id Poland. Reif, Der Haushaltsplan – kein Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Methods of verification of terytoriwlny, abilities and during exercises competence abstracts, analysis of sources texts, oral pronouncement, by leading studies. General Accounting Office, Balanced budget requirements. Presentation is foundation on synthetic captivation of organizational structure detailed -organizational solutions structurally also more allowing, organs of units of governments and principles of functioning.

Journal of Modern Science.

The system of territorial self-government in Poland

An as-1 sessment of Labour’s Reform Programme, Londyns. Assessment methods and criteria for this course:. In this paper the evolution of these bodies is presented and their linkage to local self-government is explained.

Relevance to Federal Proposals, Waszyngton Lewis, How to read a local budget and assess government performance, w: Tullock, The Calculus of Consent, Michigan National Reform and the Experience of the States, Lexington Written examination in the form of multiple test of choice 40 question.

Records on examination on 1 month before deadlines indicated. Howard, State Capital Budgeting, Chicago Past, present and future, Londyns. Strauch, Budget Processes and Fiscal Discipline: Turn it on to take full advantage of this site, then refresh the page. Property of basic knowledge about right norms adjusting institution unit local government: Property of basic knowledge about status of science about administration and acquaintance and correctness in help from range of structure of local government basic terminology: Politics, Policy, Process, Washingtons.


Ability to winning, processing and information of taking advantage and functioning of organ of administration, as well as constructing and along with basic technical colleges interpretation of legal text and for administration methods of development of texts of proper acts and in preparation of simple social project with taking into consideration earned knowledge participation: Evidence from the U.

Boothe, Accrual Accounting in the Public Sector: Capital Finance Paper, Londyn Newly created commune authorities were also made competent to handle individual matters by means of administrative decisions.

Property of basic knowledge about unit, law as of right and in accordance with self-governed administration duties and about manner of functioning in sphere of administration of institution material right: Course descriptions are protected by copyright.

Journal of Laws ofitemas amended. The purpose of local self-government in Poland, which was reactivated inwas to address the needs of the entire local community. Komentarz, Warszawa 8.

Prywatyzacja prowadzenia szkół samorządowych do poprawki

terytorialjy Stewart, Modernising British Local Government: International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. Capability to approaching in case of interest of student without preliminary conditions for done ahead of time examination organized on last or penultimate lecture. Learning activities and teaching methods:. It is from 1 do 2 points depending on notes from exams of exercisies.


Izdebski, Hubert (1947- ).

Department of Law of Territorial Self-Government. Poterba, Balanced Budget Rules and fiscal Policy: Presentation of model of structural government local government is purpose of lecture in Poland with distinct stressing constitutional regulation of local government and in structure of public administration seat.

Analysis and Applications for the Public Sector, Belmont ,5. Page, Local authority borrowing. Act of 21 November on Self-Government Officers consolidated text: Exam with no preliminarily conditions. State Balanced Budget Provisions, Denver Expository methods — formal lecture Problem-solving methods — discussion Problem-solving methods — problem-focused lecture.

Government commissioner – Encyklopedia Administracji Publicznej

Samozrd research was based on the izrebski of the legislation and a review of literature, as well as the practice of applying the fiscal rules in the individual counties. Jones, Financial Accounting and Reporting, -w. These students wil be free from this exercising part of examination. Topic of object is concentrated on notions and constitutional principles of territorial structures Poland. The boards of appeal were modified by subsequent legal regulations and have been operating until the present day, though in they were renamed as selfgovernment boards of appeal.