Katarzyna Górak-Sosnowska Religijni i niepoczytalni? Terroryzm muzułmański w świetle badań psychologicznych. Religious and mad? Islamic terrorism. Islam wobec globalizacji. Islam “Islam był i jest zakorzeniony w życiu duchowym swoich wyznawców silniej, niż zakłada to wielu zachodnich. Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam . [in:] A. Mrozek-Dumanowska, J. Zdanowski, Islam a globalizacja, Warszawa , p.

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Thirdly, the beliefs, values and doctrines accepted currently by many people from the circle of the western culture and by some people belonging to other circles of culture. At present, the relations between the central culture and peripheral cultures have been replaced by another hierarchy: Such values exist in each ethical system, irrespective of a culture.

The second scenario describes heterogenization of religious systems. Muslim Networks from Hajj to Hip Hop. However, attachment to a religious tradition can produce the attitudes of dissonance and unfitness to requirements of the culture of the global world. Processes of globalization are perceived as Americanization of many spheres of life of Islam followers. Globalizzcja religious determinant translates into the shape of social and political institutions Africa, Progress and Problems, Philadelphia The presence of systems of beliefs in the public sphere is generally identified with backwardness perceived as inability to introduce the following problems to the public discussion: In other words, on one hand, globalization may be treated as homogenization, that is, unification of behaviour models and standards of societies, with domination of the global culture or imperialism of a single culture.

Islam a demokracja, Warszawa Globalizacaj In Sign Up. Reflections on islam, globalization, altermondialism, by French economist and defender of “Degrowth”, Serge Latouche. What is more, globalization is the main driving force of social, economic and political transformations, and it shapes the new world order. In addition, also black cards of mutual 23 P.

Globalization is the challange for religion, on which religion and Islam particullary must responce. At present, different types of identity are mixing with one another under the influence of globalization, which can be an obstacle for mutual agreement of different human groups, especially, if fundamentalist groups make use of them.


Islam a demokracja, Warszawap. The second approach of Arabic and Muslim thinkers towards globalization is characterized by an emphasis put on technological progress.

CEEOL – Article Detail

This exclusivism can lead to tensions and intolerance in relations between the followers of individual religions who, trying to defend their own identity, will close in their own religion and culture.

Ialam talk about the exceptional, autonomic character of religious activities. The history of social and cultural changes worked out many models of responses to invasion of the dominating culture.

Physical distance is not at all a distinctive criterion of defining an alien. That is because the product of culture is labelled as universality due to its importance in the scale of the past commemorationpresent and future the source of inspiration, unattainable model, classicality. However, globalization is also connected with the flow of intangible assets — norms, values and patterns of behaviours. It is true that although the majority of Muslim societies experience cultural differences globalizacaj marginalization of religion in the global discussion, they try to overcome the occurring dissonance.

These democratic values are also characteristic of almost all religious systems perhaps, with the 17 T.

In relations with aliens, particularism, stereotypes and generalization often find expression. Thus, propagation of democracy and human rights depends on a cultural system Globalization processes aim at forming new cultural groups and systems of interracial and interethnic integration. A sense of belonging to a community in connection with practicing the same religion and recognizing the same system of values is one of the strongest group bonds. In Islam, religion penetrates all spheres of social life, including the political and economic spheres.

As it is too libertarian and too superficial.

Migracje a globalizacja | Ośrodek Badań nad Migracjami

The first scenario assumes rivalry between religious systems for the global leadership in the sphere of values. New systems of relations between cultural groups, formed within globalization processes, can head towards four basic structural models: They are perceived through the prism of fundamentalism as fanatic opponents of any changes, deep-seated in backwardness.


Huntington recognized the following items as the elements capable of creating the universal culture: The mentioned three fundamental principles serve as guiding principles to six legal values which will be broken down into variables and indicators of the proposed index in further research. By treating an individual as an element of a community, they stress, basing on solidarity, the need of helping the weaker, especially by ensuring their basic social and economic needs Islamic fundamentalism tries to accelerate this process by resorting to terror.

It is a specific reinterpretation of their own sources, which present Islam as a divine, ultimate and perfect religion. There revive local cultures, which are grouped within a regional civilization, aiming at triggering a rebellion against the universal use of such principles as democracy and human rights And just interpenetration of civilizations, intensified in the era of globalization and dissemination of universal, consumerist desires, fuels the conflict used by politicians and demagogues.

Our proposed index will not only contested western inspired Rehman-Askari Global Islamicity Index, but The present study is a first attempt at both filling the gaps in the theoretical literature, and casting doubts upon the inherent irreconcilability between globalization and the Islamic world.

Migracje a globalizacja

However, adaptation processes in gkobalizacja cultural sphere take place much more slowly than in other spheres of life of human groups. This applies, among other things, to the concept of Shura consultationto which both modernists, reformers and fundamentalists of the Islamic world, as well as the rulers of Muslim states refer.

The question is whether Islamic societies can form bridges between the historical heritage and the needs of the contemporary world, connected with inevitable pressures from globalization. South-South Linkages in the Muslim World. Along with universalization, homogenization and 8 T. Ummah gllobalizacja a determinant of collective approach towards an individual in the culture of Islam.