This allows the first character to be used as a control character so that you can convert the contents of the physical file back to a spool file and. Any questions relating more to a PC type environment. This could be PC, Servers (both LINUX and WINDOWS). Historically, converting spooled files on IBM i has been a bit of an arduous task, but in recent releases, it’s become much easier. In April , I.

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Above article is good to a created PDF. Specifies a user-defined physical database file to which the spooled records will be copied. Job name name Specify the name of the job that created the spooled file. The method I am going to describe can only be used IBM i splol with either version 6.

This parameter is considered after the job name, user name, job number, spooled file name, spooled file number, and job system name parameter requirements have been met. Just using this isreies to generate PDF.

This value is not allowed for spooled files which exist on primary or secondary auxiliary storage pools. Creation date date Specify the date the spooled file was created. Ben Leon Iserries 26, at 9: The AS spool report is convvert. If this member does not exist, a member is created and the copy continues. February 12th, KJB March 27, at Required product option not available. Login or Sign Up.


There are examples to iserids all of this on this site That is great to know. Use this value when the spooled file create date and time parameter is to take precedence over the job system name when selecting a spooled file. The assigned line number for channel 1 is line 1.

Copy Spooled File (CPYSPLF)

Regards, Manty Attached Files Dummy. Simon Hutchinson October 7, at 2: Ron Deardorff March 26, at 8: The function requires that product TS1 option 01 be available to use. Correct the error and try isrries request again.

Parameters Examples Error messages. There are also lots of commercial packages that can do this stuff for you automagically. Element list Optional Element 1: CPF Copy request failed. Also check out this article which discusses how to copy spool files to your PC via Operations Navigator: Bob Isedies March 26, at Bob Schaefer March 28, at Using that file this worked.


Lots of ways to tackle this one I have a physical file with a record length on my box that I’ve been using to copy spool files in for different reasons. I have seen the examples posted. If this is you feel free to use the Contact Form to send me the comment and I will post it for you, please include the title of the post so I know which one to post the comment to.

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CPF Not authorized to spooled file. I have checked and we have all ptf’s installed. Steve Coyle April 22, at 1: The FCFC 1-byte print control character is used and takes advantage of the assigned channel values in formatting the output.

Anonymous October 7, at 2: If I could attach some screen prints’ I’d show you. Anonymous August 3, at 7: