THE IMPERSONAL LIFE. I AM. To you who read, I speak. To you, who, through long years and much running to and fro, have been eagerly seeking, in books. Impersonal Life by Joseph Benner can be read for free at NewThoughtLibrary. com – the free Library of Metaphysical New Thought Books and Texts with Links to. The classic of practical mysticism is published with four bonus works in this handsome signature edition. Since it first appeared in , The Impersonal.

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Jan 17, Kim Ezpeleta rated it it was amazing. Stay in Touch Sign up.

liife The words of the book were channeled from source to him. Not what I expected Disappointed. Benner also made a series of lessons called the “Inner Life Courses” he lfe to develop discipline in life, discernment and the awakening of the Christ within the soul.

Benner was a businessman. Maybe the more I read it the more I will understand it. In doing so, we love others with Impersonal Love and, thereby, help in awakening them to who they are, impersojal that who is who we are, who ‘God’ is.

Is it true that Elvis Presley would read this book often and he even gave out copies to his friends and fans? Nov 07, Nettie Vaughan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Feb 27, Impesonal Stucchi rated it liked it. His explanation is by far the most profound, logic and credible one I have ever heard and felt. The classic of practical mysticism is published with four bonus works in this handsome signature edition.

And find there is much more to our thinking than we may have believed.

Joseph Sieber Benner – Wikipedia

I keep having to buy new copies because I give this to everyone who might find it interesting – the root from which many ‘spiritual’ books have sprung, brilliant. According to author Jon Klimo, “byBenner said he felt he could no longer resist the growing inclination to give himself over as a vehicle to a larger presence, to let his mind be subsumed by or co-creatively interact with a larger Mind or Being.


Slow and easy wins the race but not too slow that you miss the opportunity to make a difference in your surroundings. Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. To analyze what he is saying and really fee Benner goes way beyond imagination and deep into the impersonal self everyone has in them.

The Impersonal Life by Joseph S. Benner | : Books

Oct 19, Jennifer Murray rated it really liked it. If they ioseph to you, ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fish will precede you. Written anonymously by American mystic Joseph S. I like the part that josph are all part of God’s will, good and bad. Trust that thought and being trapped in the mind is not the best way to live day to day, but rather let life flow through in the absesnce of compulsive thought trust that when something comes up you will be able to make the correct decision.

If you’re ready – you get it! An inspiring guide, with a style cumbersome. To analyze what he is saying and really feel it as if it was you, yourself and no one else in this impersonzl is the great teaching of this book. In this imprsonal he writes as if it is yourself talking to yourself. That aside, It is an inspiration to anyone who is searching for an understanding of life here on earth and the hereafter, if there is such a place.

The Cleansing Power of Yoga. This was an amazing book recommended by Dr. Not because of the content but the Archaic language. Retrieved from ” https: Jun 26, Brian Wilcox rated it really liked it. The Llfe Life is one of the key books written on the topic of self-discovery and leading a spiritual life.


Author Joseph Benner penned this book as Anonymous in the early 20th century, and it has been a popular title among millions of readers since. He was chief owner of the Akron Printing Company.

Other people might call it living in the present but this book was written way before all those new agey terms were used for this ancient wisdom.

The Way of Qigong. The Future Is Open.

The final chapters are essential for application. The Wisdom of Yoga.

Return to Book Page. Next to the Bible, Elvis pondered these words every day. Thanks for telling us about the problem. One of the group’s practices was to “enter into the silence, stillness and peace” each day at noon.

Retrieved 3 February Where Buddhism Meets Neuroscience. His father John W. Written in and authored Anonymous, the author who was a Lutheran pastor did not want to be recognized.

You Are a Badass Every Day. Blown away by this. Rudy Kolar Yes and it was also Wayne Dyer’s favorite. Benner American mystic Joseph S. Inspired by Your Browsing History.

The Impersonal Life is highly recommended for those who are interested in learning how to lead i,personal spiritual life and are in the process of self-discovery.

The Limits to Capital.