The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank used by the Imperial Guard and is one of the largest and oldest tanks used by the Imperium. These massive. Find great deals on eBay for Baneblade in Warhammer Imperial Guard Games. Shop with confidence. Buy Games Workshop Warhammer 40k Imperial Guard Baneblade: Tanks & Artillery Kits – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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The Banesword dispenses with the most hampering disadvantage of the Shadowsword, namely having to disengage its engine before firing. While the Heavy Flamers can deal more damage they are hamped by their range and damage output, and work best on those variants who already need to be close to the enemy to use effectively. These vehicles are mostly the result of an Imperial commander discovering an unmet tactical need that can only be accomplished by a super-heavy tank like the Baneblade.

A tank as big as a house with massive guns is cool, so See questions and answers. The Baneblade’s secondary weapon banebpade its hull-mounted demolisher cannon.

Repairs and gluing needed. A high-pitched clatter fills the stifling air as an unending cascade of spent shell casings rains down through grills into collection receptacles. Thunderous blasts reverberate throughout the hull every time the primary weapon is fired.

Astra Militarum Warhammer 40, by Games Workshop.

Imperial Guard Baneblade

See all customer images. The metallic crunch haneblade up through the base plates, as does the splintering of bones from any warriors unlucky enough to be caught in the beast’s path.

The only baneblde I have is the track assembly, makes me want to smack whomever designed that part of the model. Your ad here, right now: Made from found bits, objects, and heavy casting materials. Even the scratching of quill on parchment is deafening as reams of cogitative data are hastily recorded by batteries of auto-scribes. Then again, the “big” tanks in Epic were closer to moving, gun-mounting cathedrals.

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This is an official image, by the way. This makes them able to shout ” Failure is the weakness of the enemy! An unmistakable icon of the Imperium ‘s armoured supremacy, a single one of these super-heavy war engines can serve as the mailed fist of an Astra Militarum offensive, or banbelade the unassailable lynchpin of even the most desperate of defences. While the Tremor Cannon shell itself does relatively little damage, it is the side effect of the underground explosion that is invaluable, pinning the opponent in place and making him vulnerable to sustained bombardment by the other artillery elements of the Imperial Guard.

Additionally, the Quake Cannon is inefficient against enemy Titansfor unlike the Lance beam from a Volcano Cannon, or the massive plasma burst from a Plasma Blastgun, the massive shell will be stopped by any remaining Void Shield, requiring the target’s shields to be taken down before the shot is taken with any hope of success.

There are several variants of the Baneblade officially recognised by the Adeptus Mechanicus that are in current use with the Imperial Guard. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. The main difference is that while its main weapons systems the BEHNBLADE cannon and the Demolisher Cannon do much more damage than before, they don’t function like the rest of its guns, they’re used for special abilities that require manual targeting to fire, and cannot be fired at targets within minimum range.

If you live in the USA or overseas: Wherever a Baneblade sees battle it quickly becomes the centre of the battle line. Also one of the few imperial guard tanks that imerial look like they refitted something from the first world war.

Baneblade: 40K | eBay

Basically, if you shoot it at a unit, and that unit is not baneblzde superheavy, you have killed that unit. Also, it’s size means it can have difficulty maneuvering on certain maps DoW II maps tend to not have as much open space as the original’s. The Baneblade is the primary super-heavy tank of the Astra Militarumand one of the largest and oldest armoured fighting vehicles in the service of the Imperial armed forces.


A reinforced mount allows the Baneblade to guuard while firing the Demolisher. A single tank hunter like a Leman Russ Vanquisher can easily damage or even destroy a Baneblade long before it comes into range of the smaller tank. Known variants of the Baneblade include the following:. Boyfriend loved it but took a while to build it. The monopoly Mars and a select few Forge Worlds have on the Baneblade’s STC data, combined with the never-ending need for these behemoth machines, has led to the development of ‘counterfeit’ Baneblades.

Gjard Stormsword excels at city fighting. This option can only be taken on the GW plastic kit, as the old Forge World models were shorter, sillier-looking, and had no place for them. The Hunter-Killer Missile is neat, but with the massive arsenal the tank’s lugging around it’s not necessary.

Needless to say these “unsanctioned” modifications got the Mechanicum’s collective jimmies rustled up. Baneblade CannonDemolisher Cannon. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers.

Scratch-built Baneblade models with homebrew read: As mentioned above, Stormblades in Epic used to have Hellion Missile launchers to add to the amount they could Rape Titans, however in current 40k they no longer have them. Baneblades are also not as effective when banwblade dedicated anti-armour vehicles due to the relative short range of their weapons.

The Tech-Adepts of Lucius over the years managed to increase the engine capacity of Lucius-pattern Gurad to take this strain.