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Find the most up-to-date version of IEC at Engineering INTERNATIONAL STANDARD IEC Fifth edition Insulated bushings for alternating voltages above 1 V This English-language version is . Insulated bushings for alternating voltages above 1 V. Reference number. IEC (E). INTERNATIONAL. STANDARD. IEC. Fifth edition.

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Gas-insulated and gas-impregnated bushings have become a mature technology, for use in gas insulated switchgear.

Insulating solids, liquids and gases IEC The insulator shall be completely filled with an appropriate medium. The sealing assembly method shall be agreed upon between purchaser and supplier. Liquid-filled and liquid-insulated bushings, according to 3.

Tests on insulating envelopes of ceramic material shall be carried out in accordance with IEC The point of maximum conductor temperature lies at distance L M from the cooler end. NOTE 2 A bushing which contains solid insulating materials other than the envelope containing the gas e. When, as a substitute for the measurement of partial discharge quantity, the radio interference voltage, ice in microvolts, is measured uec means of a radio interference meter, the method of calibration ice be used is that described in IEC If the frequency at the test differs from the rated frequency, the current may be adjusted to achieve equivalent losses.

The values of the applicable withstand test voltages for newly manufactured bushings are indicated in Tables 7, 8 and 9. Before and after the series of type tests, measurements of dielectric dissipation factor and capacitance see 9. If the calculated temperature exceeds this limit, the ability of the bushing to withstand the standard value 601137 I th shall be demonstrated by a test.

Missing page numbers correspond to the Frenchlanguage pages.

This standard is applicable to bushings, as defined in Clause 3, intended for use in electrical apparatus, machinery, transformers, switchgear and installations for three-phase alternating current systems, having highest voltage for equipment above 1 V and power frequencies of 15 Hz up to and including 60 Hz. The special requirements addressed for bushings fitted to transformer have not been considered necessary for bushings fitted to switchgear or used for other applications.


The measurement shall not be made at a voltage exceeding the dry power-frequency withstand voltage. Table 10 — 600137 of type tests see 7.

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If, during the repetition of the test, no flashover or puncture occurs, the bushing shall be considered to have passed the test. Q2 Please tell us in what capacity ies you bought the standard tick all that apply.

In such a case, the operating current and cross-section should conform with the requirements idc 8.

The above series of currents are in 60173 with the values indicated in IEC The resistance of the wire and the current shall be adjusted in a such a way as to produce the same losses as the final conductor.

Voltage records shall be made for each impulse. The ambient air temperature shall be measured with lagged thermometers placed around the bushing at mid-height and at a distance idc 1 m to 2 m from it. An appropriate number of thermocouples or other measuring devices shall, as far as possible, be placed ied the bushing conductor, central tube and other current-carrying parts, as well as possibly on the flange or other fixing device, so as lec determine the hottest spot of the bushing metal parts in contact with insulating material with reasonable accuracy.

This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition, published inand constitutes a technical ief. The test shall not be started until thermal equilibrium between the oil and the bushing has been reached. Markings for bushings according to Clause 10 are specified in The concentration of gas in the air inside the envelope shall be measured twice at an interval equal to or greater than 2 h.

The magnitude of the test voltage is given to Table 8. The time intervals between consecutive applications of the voltage shall be sufficient to avoid effects from the previous applications of voltage.

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Consideration should be given to the operating conditions of completely immersed bushings and bushings operating in air-insulated ducting. A bushing operating at any other angle is considered a tilted bushing see 6. For bushings 6013 I r equal to or greater than 4 A, I th shall always be kA.


General definitions and test requirements IEC It is permissible, after changing polarity, to apply some impulses of minor amplitude before the application of the test impulses. For bushings with more than one air side terminal, it is generally sufficient to apply the load to one terminal only. Their preparation is entrusted to technical committees; any IEC National Committee interested in the subject dealt with may participate in this preparatory work.

NOTE 2 This tap can also be used for the measurement of dissipation factor, capacitance and partial discharge. For bushings according to 3. When the transformer oil is in communication with the bushing central tube, the oil level shall not exceed one-third of the height of the external part. The magnitude of the test voltage is given in Tables 7 or 9. The tests shall have been carried out on bushings of a design that does not differ from that offered to the purchaser in any way that may improve the features to be checked by a type test.


Moisture condensation on the surface of the indoor part of the bushing is to be prevented, if necessary by ventilation or 6017. The committee has decided that the contents of this publication will remain unchanged until It is recommended to make reference measurements at installation. Tests on insulators of composite material shall be carried out in accordance with IEC The bushing shall be enclosed in an envelope, for example a plastic bag.

For further information reference should be made to IECTable 6. Information on the subjects under consideration and work in progress undertaken by the technical committee 60173 has prepared this publication, as well as the list of publications irc, is also available from the following: The test duration shall be 60 s, independent of frequency.

In such a case the supplier shall demonstrate, by the amount of increase of the arcing distance, that the bushing is adequate.