Ida Scudder was born in , in Ranipet, Madras Presidency, India. In , her family returned briefly to the United States following a cholera epidemic and. Ida Scudder wanted to leave hot, overcrowded India for the good life. If asked to define the good life, she would have replied, “America and marriage to a. In John Scudder left his growing practice in New York City and sailed for Ida Scudder was born in India in and grew up well-acquainted with the.

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Because each style has its own formatting nuances that evolve over time and not all information is available for every reference entry or article, Encyclopedia. Inshe was joined in India by her friend Gertrude Doddan unofficial, self-supporting missionary of the Reformed Church.

Scudder, Ida Sophia (1870-1960)

The memory of that night could still bring a stabbing pain. Scudder’s father, with whom she hoped to work as an intern, died within five iida of her return.

Bibliography Secondary Jameson, Carol B. She taught her weekly Bible class to both men and womenadvised doctors biogrqphy difficult cases, entertained friends and dignitaries at Hill Top, her beautiful Indian residence, and played a fast game of tennis.

Hilda Olson, a governing board member of the Vellore Medical compound, responded tersely to the proposal: Scudder, thoracic surgery, nephrology, leprosy surgery and rehabilitation under Dr. Thousands of women had been mobilized to raise money to support medical missions for women in India, and the thought of sharing scduder they had worked so hard for with the men was unthinkable.

Another well-known missionary doctor who served in south-central Asia was Viggo Olsen, who is most remembered for his widely read autobiography, Daktar: I sent our servant, and he came back saying that all of them had died during the night.

These women did not like to be treated by male doctors due to their orthodox habits of not exhibiting themselves before men Indian women needed to be properly trained to go out among their own people in the villages. She was born of Dr. But medical work consumed the vast majority of her sixteen-hour work days, though always taking time to distribute Scripture cards. But she quickly realized that an educational facility was also necessary.


Scudder, Ida (–) |

For many, Including John R. The Story of Dr. The rain outside had been as wild as her own fourteen-year-old helpless grief. Her father died insoon after she arrived in India.

I went to bed in the early morning after praying much for guidance. She retired in at the age of seventy-five and was succeeded by one of her most distinguished pupils, Dr. Masilamani Victor Premasagar Y. I think that was the first time I ever met God face-to-face, and all that time it seemed that He was calling me into this work.

Ida Scudder realized that she would be foolish to go on alone in her fight to bring better health to South India’s women, so she decided to open a medical school for girls only. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

This scucder white-haired woman has, at 72, a spring in her step, a sparkle in her eye and ids skilled, strong hands of a surgeon of Her husband agreed to accept responsibility for her, and for a quarter of a century after he died she continued on in the work.

Ida Scudder Changed Her Mind – Church History Timeline

Sicherman, Barbara, and Carol Hurd Green, eds. Although she had originally rebelled against the family business of scudver work, her return to India to help her ill mother began a process of acceptance and inspiration. This experience of the death of three women due to lack of a female doctor convinced Ida Sophia that God wanted her to become a female physician to help the women of India.

Faced with new regulations by the Indian government that threatened to end her work, in she traveled the length and breadth of the United States raising scuddsr, enlisting new leadership with advanced degrees, securing the necessary upgrading of both college and hospital.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A stamp issued on August 12,as part of centenary celebrations of Christian Medical College, depicts the college chapel, the motivating monument of the medical biofraphy and hospital, symbolising the ethos of the institution.

InMahatma Gandhi visited the medical school. For 18 years she had been head of the medical association in a district with a population of 2, She was interviewed by reporters, and many stories were written about her work.

McGraw-Hill,5. Inwhen new governmental regulations threatened to close the school unless it obtained a university affiliation, Scudder began the process of obtaining certification, traveling to the United States in in search of funding. A a ruling biograpuy all medical schools to be affiliated with the University of Madras. Scudder’s medical work in India was particularly significant in that it provided educational opportunities for women and increased the accessibility of medical care to women in biogra;hy area.

Macmillan Reference USA, Medicine was prohibited on certain feast days, and sometimes critically ill patients were moved from place to place bjography escape evil spirits.

Diplomat in Bangladesh Chicago: Scudder enthusiastically shared the proposal with her supporters back home, only to be thrown into the most bitter controversy she had ever endured.

Every dollar would have to be given back to the givers. The specific problem is: So instead of seeking the help of the more experienced John Scudder, they enlisted Ida, despite her protests concerning her lack of training.

Inthe hospital’s nurses-training program was expanded into a regular school of nursing. Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Protestant missions to India.