ICC ANSL A117.1-2003 PDF

Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. This Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC Al) is a The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for accessibil. Major changes/additions from ICC ANSI A – found in the edition of A 1. ICC ANSI. A – Section. ICC ANSI A –

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Existing elevators shall not be required to comply with Section The administrative authority shall provide scoping provisions wnsl specify the extent to which these tech- nical criteria apply. The standards listed in Section Plumbing Elements and Facilities Fig. Knee and toe space complying with Section shall be provided.

Braille shall comply with Section The telephone and emergency signaling device shall comply with Section Destination-oriented elevators shall be permitted to have signals a171.1-2003 from the floor area adjacent to the hoistway entrance. Where a tactile sign is provided at double doors with two active leaves, the sign shall be to the right of the right-hand door.

Vision lites with the lowest part more than 66 inches mm above the floor are not required to comply with Section Maneuver- ing clearances at power-assisted doors shall comply with Section Visual contrast shall be either light-on-dark or dark-on-light. Guardrails or asl barriers shall be provided where object protru- sion is beyond the limits allowed by Sections The call button that des- ignates the up direction shall be located above the call button that designates the down direc- tion.

Where sliding doors are in the fully open position, operating hardware shall be exposed and usable from both sides. The high a11.71-2003 reach shall be 48 inches mm a117.1-2003 for a reach depth of 10 inches mm maximum.


State Building Code – ICC/ANSI A Code Interpretations

The provisions of Chapter 3 shall apply where required by the scoping provisions adopted by the administrative authority or by Chap- ters 4 through Equipment that employs interactive, text-based communica- tions through the transmission of coded signals across the standard telephone network.

The cross slope of a walking surface shall not be steeper than 1: Operable parts shall be placed within one or more of the reach ranges specified in Section The uppercase letter “I” shall be used to determine the allowable stroke width of all characters of a font.

Cars that provide a 51 inches mm minimum clear floor width shall be per- mitted to provide 51 inches mm minimum clear floor depth. A fixed shower head shall be per- mitted in lieu of a hand shower where the scoping provisions of the administrative authority require a fixed shower head.

Audible signals shall have a frequency of Hz maximum. Individual experts shall serve for a renewable term of one year and shall be subject to approval by vote of the consensus body. Letters, numbers, punctuation marks, and typographic symbols.

In alternate roll-in showers with the controls and hand shower located on the back wall opposite the seat, the controls and hand shower shall be located within 15 inches mmleft or right, of the centerline of the seat. Handset cords, if provided, shall be 29 inches mm minimum in length. Indicators shall be located above the car control panel or above the door. Visual characters shall be 40 inches mm minimum above the floor of the viewing position, measured to the baseline of the character.


Where a wheelchair space location can be entered from the front or rear, the wheelchair space shall be 48 inches mm minimum in depth.

Detectable warning surfaces shall contrast visually with adjacent surfaces, either light-on-dark or dark-on-light. Where text descriptors for pictograms are required, they shall be located directly below ansll pictogram field.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

Accessible pedestrian signals shall comply with Section 4E. Power-operated swing- ing doors shall remain open for 20 seconds minimum when activated. Revolving doors, revolving gates, and turnstiles shall not be part of an accessible route.

Standards Subsctiption may be the perfect solution.

Unless otherwise specified, the clear floor space shall be positioned for either for- ward or parallel approach to an element. An exterior pathway with a prepared surface for pedestrian use.

Doorways shall have a clear opening width of 32 inches mm in power-on and power-off mode. Flush controls shall be located on the open side of the water closet. Handrail brackets or balusters attached to the bottom surface of the handrail shall not be considered obstructions, provided they comply with the following criteria: Where multiple grab bars are used, required horizontal grab bars shall be a117.12003 at the same height above the floor. Each operable part shall be able to be differentiated by sound or touch, without acti- vation.

Locks used only for security purposes and not used for normal operation are permitted in any icf.