Heaven and Earth By Ian Plimer Connor Court, pp, $ ONE of the peculiar things about being an astronomer is that you receive, from. Today I attended the formal launch of Professor Ian Plimer’s new book “Heaven and Earth” (held in the historic balcony room of South. Heaven and Earth has ratings and 30 reviews. Blair said: Ian Plimer is a professor of Geology at the University of Adelaide in Australia, specializin.

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And had no idea it was there.

Chris Turneya researcher of prehistoric climate changes, of the University of Exeter ‘s Department of Geography, stated the book was “a cacophony of climate skeptic arguments that have been discredited by decades of research. Millions or billions may perish, but if enough hominids survive the destruction, well, keep up the good work.

I am forever mystified by the way various arcane arguments arise about the issue of anthropogenic global warming.

Plimer vs Plimer: a one man contradiction

Show 25 25 50 All. I read the article you linked and all I can do is cringe! And we are as a trade forever overturning hallowed dogmas and hypotheses. A little too much reiteration but a great ‘can o worms’ read. Climate Science is not a political issue.

Heaven and Earth: Global Warming: The Missing Science by Ian Plimer

Michelle de Kretser’s novel Questions of Travel has picked up two of Australia’s most prestigious literary prizes. For whom erudition is not just something they distrust. The link you gave unfortunately does not work. Excellent post MLB — you get to the nitty-gritty — forget the ajd action is what we need and we need to convey this to a wider audience through the media. I wonder if Ian has ever read their reports to find out what they actually do say.


Plimer has put together a perhaps too-comprehensive summation of all the geological, climatological, cosmological factors that influence eadth change on earth. Knowing a little about academic offices, I guess its not that either, eh Barry? We developed and eject massive amounts of greenhouse gasses other than CO2, or even methane — think of flurocarbon refrigerants and foaming agents with CO2 equivalents in the thousands or tens of thousands.

Bob Ward, director of public relations and policy at Lord Nicholas Stern’s Grantham Institute at the London School of Economics said the book is “full of inaccurate statements and misrepresentations of global temperature data”. Does anyone think aging and flat broke farmers will feed the urban p,imer for much longer?

Brave New Climate

There should be Nobel Prize for you if you can pull it off. In contrast to this typical misdirection, his claim about Mauna Loa is bizarre. Someone above said the se level rise was over 5 mm.

Because it comes as a basic function on excel. Byalko on the paleoclimate published in the journal Priroda [in Russian] No. Do clouds influence climate? The parting kick guess of mine, re the First Law, is where has all the CO2-trapped solar energy gone since ? Or perhaps enlightenment comes from the saying, “the best lies are always at least partially true”.


Climate Science Glossary

Humans have made their mark on the planet, thrived in warm times and struggled in cool times. I iam be interested to hear what you have to say about them. Here first edition of the Great Global Warming Swindle. What a terrible criterion. This is a question that has not yet been answered by the research community.

Not being a trusting sort, I later went up a little way in hang-gliders to check. As for under-sea volcanoes affecting the climate, the reference he gives is a paper on a single submarine volcanic vent system.

If people make political decisions to harvest fossil fuels for a prolifigate lifestyle in the full knowledge that they are depleting an irreplaceable resource,should they not think about generating energy from another source as happens already overseas, dare I mention nuclear energy? The current discussions on global warming are defined in the public arena by partisanship and ideology rather than rigorous empirical thought and forthright analysis and discussion.

neaven Mar 30, David rated it really liked it. Explain that and you might have something. Shame about some of the inaccuracies http: Chris G at In the thickening Antarctic icecap?