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Change power supply to put Thus the signals at the emitters and bases of Q8 and Q18 are in phase and the collector signals are degrees out of phase to provide push-pull deflection. Fault – internal mains fuse blown, fixed in 5 minutes and now a very handy instrument for all sorts of AF work, especially modulation response analysis and that sort or thing. Blade Tuning Tools Scan Generator and Trigger Circuits.

Calibrator Amplitude Test Setup New parts list and schematic for instruments with serial prefix and lower. For wide spectrum analysis, the operator can use the preset scan of the RF Section used, or for a more detailed study, the spectrum width can be progressively narrowed. Add up total attenuation. Horizontal Scan Check and Adjustment The instrument controls are arranged for easy operation. Connect the test setup shown in Figureturn analyzer power ON, and set controls as follows: Product price, specification, warranty and availability subject to change without notice.

Protect the control panel with cardboard. Click a thumbnail to view larger image: If shipping carton is damaged, ask that agent of carrier be present when instrument is unpacked. Note too that lead lines and arrows to switch contacts are no longer required.

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When the kHz bandwidth is selected all four stages are bypassed and the signal is coupled directly to the output amplifier. Part A shows the wafer as it actually appears.

Note error from 1. The four stages are identical except that the fourth stage Ql has an adjustable resistor in the feedback path. The plugs are keyed so that yp will go on cor- rectly and will not make contact upside down.

Reinstall A4 Crystal Filter Assembly.

HP 8552B Manual

IF Section Display Adjustments. This is a Safety Class I instrument.

Some com- ponent values are selected at the time of final checkout at the factory see Table The bandpass filter is adjusted for frequency, amplitude, width and flatness. Vertical Deflection Amplifier Check. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Meter should indicate approximately 6. Specifications listed in Table PageFigure Service Sheet 4: When operated as a unity gain amplifier it provides iso- lation and a low impedance output to the Crystal Filter assembly.

H-P 8552B Spectrum Analyzer I-F Section Operating and Service Manual

Connects to display section. Place the A2 3 MHz Amplifier assembly on an extender and install it in the analyzer. Please ho that any additional items included with this equipment such as accessories, manuals, cables, calibration data, software, etc.


After bandpass filter replacement and adjustment is completed, proceed to step Q. The 10 kHz gain control is set so that the 10 kHz bandwidth has the same gain as the kHz bandwidth. If out of specifications change both resistors.

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All Calibrated as of Yesterday. Checks and Adjustments Penlift Hl Penlift output: Scan Voltage Waveform Measurement The emitter follower output of each stage provides the input signal to the following stage and signal currents to the summing bus. Locate ph black press-to-release button on the left side of the RF Section.

See Service Sheets 14, 15, and Shipping Information Scan controlled by position of Manual Scan knob. Signal increases or decreases one vertical division per 10 dB step.

If shipping to a Hewlett-Packard Service office or center, attach a tag indicating the type of service required, return address, model number and full serial number. Extensive changes in A3 assembly. Display Section Table contains a list of factory selected components by reference designation, basis of se- lection, and schematic diagram location on which the component is illustrated.

Change; R13 toR: When the analyzer is operated in the LOG mode the output video signal has a logarithmic relationship to the input rf signal.