Horstmann Thermostats Boiler Manuals, Gas Manuals, over Free Gas Boiler HRFS1 – ScrewFix RF Stat HRFS1 – ScrewFix RF Stat UM. pdf. Order online at Electronic sensing element. Wireless. Override facility. FREE next day delivery available, free collection in 5 minutes. Shop Horstmann HRFS1 HRFS-1 Digital Wireless Programmable Room Thermostat. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.

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Horstmann HRFS1 (RFT1) Wireless Programmamable Thermostat

Many thanks for your time. Ordered a part that was delivered very quickly even though I chose standard delivery.

How do I link them together A: Hrffs1 you advise how I should programme each of the 5 daily programmes to achieve this please. Can you please tell me how to do a reset Does each programme run for a specific period of time eg 1 hour? Very pleased with the product and the service. Click to read more Heating Controls Online reviews at Reviews. A manual is available under the downloads tab.

Can the receiver be purchased on its own?

Manual – Horstmann HRFS1 Thermostat

Power control rating V AC up to 16A resistive. Is this stable to control a 2. You can download it from the downloads tab. I have a horstmann thermostat and controller fitted to my combi boiler similar to this one.

Horstmann HRFS1 Thermostat

Could you please tell me how to change the time. Hi How do i adjust the temperature on the thermostat, I couldn’t understand it on the manual A: Please see pages 16 horsgmann 17 of the manual downloads tab. Mine has several times set from previous owners all I can do is edit the programmes but want to turn it off and use it just when I want to by setting the temperature.


If you have a traditional system with a hot water cylinder, then it will normally be in the airing cupboard. Enter the code in the box below: Can two separate stats be used within the same building to control two separate zones within the building A: It runs until the next setting.

You use the frost protection mode in the Summer. They both work fine but the display on the thermostat is horstman. There is a reset button yorstmann the bottom left. You will need to change the address code hrgs1 on the new one to match the old one. I currently have this controller installed on my boiler. I’m afraid it doesn’t have a manual mode.

Horstmann HRFS1 (RFT1) Wireless Programmamable Thermostat

I’m afraid it is only available as a pair. Try changing the batteries. I’m afraid this thermostat doesn’t have a manual mode.

The numbers temperature figures are starting to disappear, what do I do. You will need to horsmann the cover to access the DIP switch.

I have this product but the wireless controller is broken, if I get a replacement controller will it sync automatically? Is there a way to completely disable the programmes on this thing? Can I purchase this understand I need to purchase both items and pair the new thermostat with the existing controller wired to the boiler.

I’m afraid that is not the model number. Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon. There is a symbol on the display, and a LED light on the receiver, when the heating is hefs1. You must make sure they are set the same. Please email us a photo to sales heatingcontrolsonline. Hi, Is it possible to use 2 thermostat on 1 receiver?


They will then work together.

This will not control hot water, a separate control is needed for hot water. You will need to install a second receiver. Does th hrsf1 come with a stand for freestanding on a shelf etc. I have an existing HRFS1 programmable yorstmann stat controlling my heating but I am hoping I can add another receiver paired to my existing thermostat to control some underfloor heating as well, would 1 thermostat control 2 receivers?

Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Control distance 60M open site LCD shows the “need to know” information only, horatmann is easier to understand.

HTML is not translated! Hi there I want to have no timer settings and just use the thermostat manually and turn up and down when I want but I can’t see to work out how to do this please can someone borstmann A: Hi if it’s not possible to turn this ch programmer off off mode how do I turn it off in summer?

Heating Controls Online is rated 4. Please can you tell me if there is a manual override setting which is constant? You hrds1 temperatures instead of on and offs, so you could programme for example 20C in the morning and 5C in the evening. Powered by line voltage only.