Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) is a self-sufficient co-housing development. Five earth-sheltered homes are built with high thermal mass and high levels of. Download scientific diagram | The Hockerton Housing Project Case Study 1: Hockerton Housing Project (HHP) from publication: Values, Value Change and a . The residents of the five houses at Hockerton Housing Project live without heating in their homes, all their energy requirements are generated from renewable.

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Hayfield Eco Homes Tour. More information can be found on their website. Opening Times Sorry, this event has passed.

All residents own their homes but are also members of a co-operative. Saturday, March 2, – This weekend 31st Projecct Aprilas a part of the Energise weekend of events, eight Other Websites Visit Meet Invest.

Solid waste is captured in a septic tank. Southwell Racecourse offers a unique blend of charm, excitement and comfort, making it The water is passed through 3 filters before it enters the homes: For more information and to book: One of the main aims of HHP is to encourage other people to become interested in hockertob development and lifestyles.

Hockerton Housing Project

The environment they live in is a community managed by the five families. Walk into Reg Taylor’s Garden Centre and you enter into a different world. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The houses have passive solar heating a combination of high thermal mass and the south-facing conservatory removing the need for a space heating system and the greatest factor in lowering pfoject use. Water use is reduced through low-flush toilets and flow-restrictors on shower heads. Or wanting an overview of what it is to live sustainably?


Hockerton Housing Project | Eco Homes

Sustainable buildings in the United Kingdom Sustainable communities Buildings and structures in Nottinghamshire. Drinking water is captured from the conservatory roofs in copper pipes, which are slightly antiseptic, and stored in a tank that holds at least days worth of drinking water.

This page has been archived and is no longer updated. One of the residents guides you on a tour of the community including the land, water systems, food production, renewable systems and inside one of the homes. Retrieved from ” https: Explore the richly dramatic English Civil War, seeing stories of gunpowder, plague and Skip To Main Content.

The water is sand filtered and treated with chlorine before entering the homes. Rainfall on the fields is channeled to a sump from where it is pumped to a reservoir to the north of the buildings.

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Hockerton Housing Project – Wikipedia

The excess exported offsets the imported energy from the grid. After several years of negotiating with the local council, providing detailed plans for managing housint land surrounding the houses we were successful in gaining planning permission. Top Index Home. Join one of our small group tours, which is led by a resident from the project to give you a personal view on what it is like to live in this 20 year old housing project.


All systems are grid linked, which allows for both import of energy during periods of supply shortfall, and export for periods of excess energy production.

Built in The Workhouse at Southwell was a means of relief for the Victorian poor Sustainable Hayfield is organising a minibus tour of three homes on Saturday 5th November The Watershed, Gables Drive.

This tour includes a guided walk around the site to learn about our food, water and renewable energy systems, a tour of one of the homes, and a presentation on the challenges faced during the build, and subsequent development, of the project. A reed bed sewage system is in place to process waste water. Drag mouse while holding left mouse button.

Hockerton Housing Project Tours

Duke’s Wood Oil Museum, with its artefacts from the first British oilfield has moved to Hit F5 to refresh. Intrigued what an earth sheltered house looks and feels like inside? This reservoir holds enough water for days. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Introduction Hockerton Housing Project HHP emerged from the desire of a small group of people to develop a lifestyle more in hockedton with the natural environment and its cycles.

Each house hlckerton 6 metres deep with a 19 metre conservatory to the south. The surrounding 40, square metre site allows for crop cultivation, the rearing of sheep and chickens, and self-sufficiency in water and energy.