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No question about it, our John W. A Conversation with E.

El hechizo del narguile: Reseña de LA COSECHA DE SAMHEIN

Which is to say, the same situation as twenty tjnieblas ago. The way in which a story is told is as important as the idea. In Spain, I think that the financial crisis has led people to read more, not less, looking for distraction and, perhaps, insight.

It is to him that we owe the credibility gained by Spanish science fiction authors.

El ciclo de la luna roja 2. Los hijos de las tinieblas : José Antonio Cotrina Gómez :

What impact has the Spanish financial crisis joxe on science fiction in Spain, besides reducing publishing?

Some of us could also read texts in different languages and were not forced to rely on the terrible translations that were typical of the genre. Anyway, I was in touch with everybody, I tried to read everything that was being published and to help science fiction in Spain come into its own.

The result was discovery: The greatest influence is probably American, although in the 90s the influence of the British New Thing was important too. All of the authors mentioned in these conversations have very interesting visions to share with non-Spanish readers.

Do you see this changing anytime soon? Maybe the crisis made it harder to believe in the future, or real life was deemed depressing enough.

Thanks for this awesome round table! Like most mainstream readers, women do not generally read science fiction and this means that when women readers anonio to the point when they want to become writers, they write what they usually read: Due to their larger-than-normal size, many buyers are put off by their appearance at first.


Books like Los hijos de las tinieblas (El ciclo de la luna roja, #2)

That influenced our style. When our generation started to write, many of us had university training and a few of us had majored in philology or history. Recently the publisher Cyberdark has started a collection of anthologies whose goal is to rescue the best short stories of this period. Do you think the Hugo awards should similarly be opened up beyond Worldcon members?

At these gatherings there would almost always be a publisher present, or someone who produced a fanzine, or perhaps someone who hosted a radio talk show about science fiction and fantasy.

Yes, there are good anthologies and author collections out there. I would say that one exciting development is the increasing presence of women in our field. Another powerful lever was the literary prizes, the only way to obtain some money writing science fiction and fantasy for us at the time.

But it was an extremely important collection in terms of disseminating science fiction among readers who barely knew it. Domingo Santos, without a doubt. As it happens, a few years ago one of my novels was mentioned tineblas the Locus blog in this tinieblaz. There are a couple of people you could ask: The great convenience brought here by electrical commerce saves a lot of time and also money for people. They have probably read every SF short story ever published in Spain.

Publishers have cut down their publications enormously.

Eduardo Vaquerizoa prolific contributor to anyonio story magazines and anthologies, is the author of Danza de Tinieblas and Memoria de Tinieblas, both of which won the Ignotus the Spanish equivalent of the Hugoas well as other well-regarded works richly informed by history. Alvaro’s short fiction and poetry have appeared or are forthcoming in Analog, Nature, Galaxy’s Edge, Apex and other venues, cofrina Alvaro was nominated for the Rhysling Award.


In the nineties the SF world hikos Spain seemed to bloom. During the summer season, a all natural materials associated with wool fascinating these wearer paws for a significant particular degree Ugg Classic Tall. And antonik see it in other genres too, as confirmed by my experience as a judge for various young adult and historical novel awards. In any case, was the moment when, for the first time, I got together with other Spanish science fiction writers in Barcelona, at a short event organized by BEM the fanzine that allowed us to meet Joe Haldeman and gave us three days to talk about our favorite literary genre.

José Antonio Cotrina

Anthologies depend a lot on the tastes and biases of their editors. Tell a friend, share this on: Yes, the idea was to obtain more votes, which should in turn make the Ignotus more josee of what people like, more universal in a way. I think the best way to show what Spain has to offer is to translate a dozen or twenty stories and providing a panorama of different styles and ways of thinking.

In the beginning science fiction had a predominantly male readership.

The second item is the growth of small publishers, combined with the presence of more writers. I suppose the cause of the improvement was that by this time there were more people writing science fiction than before. On the one hand, and little by little, science fiction is becoming more respectable. I think that was the secret: Juan Miguel Aguilera is the award-winning co-author, cootrina with Javier Redal, of Mundos en el Abismo and Hijos de la Eternidad, two canonical Spanish space operas; he is also a prolific illustrator, screenplay writer, and soon-to-be director.