View and Download ECS K7S5A Pro user manual online. K7S5A Pro Motherboard pdf manual download. Mainboard User’s Manual. This publication Neither this manual, nor any of the material contained herein, may be .. Mainboard (K7S5A) Installation Notes. Hi guys, I have this motherboard, ECS EliteGroup K7S5A Socket A friend gave it to me with no manual or driver. Each time i search for such.

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Fixed FDD has problem in Windows If you want to mark this disk as empty and wipe out all its contents, press C. This illustration shows an ex- 2.

Setting JumpersUse the motherboard jumpers to set system configuration options. You might like to enable this item after you are confident that your systemhardware is operating smoothly. Connecting 4-pin power cableAfter you have installed the motherboard into a case, you can begin connecting themotherboard components.

Look for the chipset and mainboard model; then browse to the directory and path to begin installing the drivers. Changes or modifications not expressly approved by the system’s manu. This item shows the current and target memory performance rates when thesystem is undertaking the best performance.


There is no clock multiplier handbhch but surprisingly enough there are a handful of FSB frequencies that you can choose from.


Press the module down into the socket so that the retaining latches rotate up and secure the module in place by fitting into notches on the edge of the module. These connectorsare well designed and will only fit in one orientation.

The lack of any significant overclocking features is understandable considering ECS’ dedication to the OEM market but we would still like to see them introduced in at least an enthusiast line of boards if possible.

Additionally, some computer cases m7s5a USB ports at the nandbuch of the case. This item allows users to enable or disable the Intel XD hsndbuch. If the item is set to Delay 4 Sec, thenyou have to hold the power button down for four seconds to cause a software powerdown.

VIA KT333 Motherboard Roundup – June 2002

Add one Option Ras Active Time 5. Increase the separation between the equipment and the receiver.

Your computer uses this information to initialize all the components when booting up and functions as the basis for coordination between system components. The next chapter covers the BIOS. The following Windows Setup screen appears: Neither this manual, nor any.


Removable DrivesPress to return to the Advanced setup page. When an option is highlighted, execute the option by pressing. Follow the instructions on how to install Windows XP. If the card is not Plug and Play, you may have to manuallyconfigure the card before installation.

Connect the standard power supply connec- tor k7sa5 ATX1. LPT Onboard parallel port header9. If youhave this kind of case, use auxiliary USB connector to connect the front-mountedports to the motherboard.

System Clock Mode Auto This item determines the current and target FSB and memory speed when thesystem is undertaking the best performance.

Use the cursor arrow keys to scroll through the items in thesubmenu.

A second dialog box asks you to retype the password for confirmation. Handguch the Save and Exit dialog box appears,select [OK] to save and exit, or select [Cancel] to return to the main menu.

Refer to the table below forinformation: The pin-1 corner is marked with an arrow Follow these instructions to install the CPU: Click the Next button to run the Installation Wizard.