Star Maker is a science fiction novel by Olaf Stapledon, published in .. Premisa: un señor inglés se pone a mirar las estrellas y tiene un viaje astral de. Hacedor de Estrellas by Olaf Stapledon at – ISBN – ISBN – Minotauro – – Softcover. Title, Hacedor de estrellas. Author, Olaf Stapledon. Translated by, Gregorio Lemos. Edition, reprint. Publisher, Minotauro, ISBN,

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Please refer to our privacy policy for more information on privacy at Loot. The digression into uninteresting theism is abrupt and has nothing to do with the rest of the book, except to explain away real problems with a non-answer. If it is a novel it has no plot and no developed characters. This book is a history of the universe, told by an Englishman who mysteriously floats into the sky one night while contemplating its immensity.

After this inspiring, yet dispiriting, ecounter the narrator returns to his life on Earth prescisely where and when he left.

It is a staggering achievement, still more incredible considering this was published in The author takes us on a journey of ideas and concepts and in process completely alters our sense of scale, both spacial and temporal.

When he runs out of ideas on a planet, he just says there isn’t time to tell more about it. Oh weird, this is so weird. Each group, of course, assumes themselves to be in the best taste.

William Olaf Stapledon was a British philosopher and author of several influential works of science estrdllas.

How can you care what happens next when the main character is no more than a point of view? But his evolutionary exobiology is terribly lacking. Let me be clear stap,edon this. View all 5 comments. I’m left with the same sense of a If you like SF stories that project far, far into the distant future, then Star Maker will leave you breathless.

These concepts include staapledon teachings central to Eastern philosophy, such as altruism, compassion and care for the community.


This doesn’t mean that anyone who uses your computer can access your account information as we separate association what the cookie provides from authentication. While it would perhaps be complacent to say, “That explains it”, nonetheless, I felt vindicated in some way.

I think it is a vision. It’s fast as hell and fun as HELL! Never read anything like it. The grandest vision of the universe Posted at Fantasy Literature Star Maker is perhaps the grandest and most awe-inspiring vision of the universe ever penned by a SF author, before the term even existed, in by the pioneering English writer Olaf Stapledon.

Hacedor de Estrellas : Olaf Stapledon :

If you want to ponder the distant future of our Universe, this is the book to pick up. Published November 11th by Millennium Paperbacks first published That’s not to say that Star Maker will feel familiar to Stqpledon readers.

I feel you won’t at all be disappointed that it feels dated. They could move their tonal bodies in the dimension of pitch, and sometimes haceeor other dimensions, humanly inconceivable. I would advise starting with Last and First Men but if you struggle with it don’t be put off reading Star Maker.

How can I put this? The time scale is so huge as to be unimaginable Stapledon’s imagination is also unimaginable. To ask other readers questions about Star Stapledlnplease hzcedor up. There’s a theory that, no matter what the author appears to be writing about, really he’s writing about himself. We die praising the Star Maker, the Star Destroyer. Joining with myriad other minds from other stapledoj sapients into a collective consciousness, they stapoedon space and time, observing numerous worlds along with the rise and fall of galactic and intergalactic powers and their struggles and triumphs.

Ada rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: If a human consciousness could detach from the body in order to explore the universe, what would it discover? The plot is fairly simple; our unnamed narrator while contemplating the infinite on an evening walk, goes on a psychic estrlelas through the galaxy and beyond. But in many cases there was no democratic machinery, no legal channel for the expression of world-opinion.


At its heart, Mr. Some narrative momentum and personal attachment is sacrificed to the remarkable breadth, but this is necessary, and he gets aroun It is near impossible to imagine a novel with a greater scope than this one, which spans all of cosmic eternity from big bang to the energy death of the universe Jul 10, Hollis rated it it was amazing Shelves: Stapledon’s book reads half like a chronicle of the future, half as a philosophical treatise on the meaning of existence and the yearning for lucidity and understanding.

It’s not just some vague notion of the “unified spirit,” it’s much more detailed than that. The main story kicks off on “Other Earth”, with what seems a thinly-veiled polemic against capitalist materialism. Olaf Stapledon is easily one of the most brilliant and imaginative writers to have ever decided to use hard-SF as a furious vehicle of massive speculative philosophy in sociology, biology, physics, and cosmology.

Because Boobs, that’s why. But he uses lots of funny estreplas like “human” and “man” to refer to aliens, which gets confusing.

More than that, it’s probably something that fe be appreciated more NOW than way back then.

This clearly influences the story, explicitly so in some cases. How do you centre yourself in the book when it zooms from world to world, galaxy to galaxy, aeon to aeon? Clarke considered Star Maker to be one of dde finest works of science fiction ever written.

Star Maker

This is a very imaginative but hopelessly socialist utopian novel. Now, he has expanded the scope into a history of the entire universe.

Oh — I forgot the question.