Buy Nuremberg Diary 1st Da Capo Press Ed by Gilbert (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. Nuremberg Diary has ratings and 30 reviews. Pat said: Lo psicologo americano G.M. Gilbert seguì i 23 grandi criminali di guerra nazisti durante il pr. Yet the contents of my Nuremberg diary still shock and even haunt me. . was saying about the Jews, because, as he told Dr. Gustave Gilbert.

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Sadly, this type of evil is still with us in so many parts of the world.

It works the same way in any country. The stenographic transcripts of the interrogations have survived, to be sure, and confessions that we obtained can nruemberg heard being quoted when they were offered in evidence at the trial.

Gustave Gilbert

What follow are gusttave of my favourite excerpts: I do believe that some of these trials were merely intended for the Allies to get back at the Nazis and humiliate them. Gilbert’s colleague, Leon Goldensohn, and his interviews he did with the prisoners. Before I started reading this book, I guess I had too much expectation and hence did not like it very much but a very good account of the Nuremberg Trials nevertheless.

Open Preview See a Problem? I was born the year after WWII ended.

Nuremberg diary

Furthermore, he made it clear that he was not defending or glorifying Hitler. Death toll for the nations that fought during the Second World War — this as a reminder why the Nuremberg Trial was a necessary component to the war, atrocities, and the willingness of breaking of international agreements to sovereign nations across the globe — as an American, I am equally reminded that it was the Imperial Forces of Japan that brought our own entry into this war; additionally, it was Germany that declared war upon the United States and not the other way nuuremberg.

Archived from the original on The others all find ways to blame others and pretend they did not know about the worst horrors. I would have much preferred if Dr. I strongly oppose capital punishment Also present gilberf a court reporter, diaey utilized a stenotype machine to prepare complete transcripts in English. Gilbert’s analysis and comments on the situation is extremely distractin The Nuremberg Diary is a collection of interviews Dr.


Uno psicologo americano al processo di Norimberga. Jul 13, Sarrvesh rated it liked it.

Nuremberg diary ( edition) | Open Library

It was fascinating to see the group dynamics develop among them as well as the way the different individuals dealt with their own guilt. Sep 06, Chuck rated it really liked it. Nothing in this diary work hit me harder than the details of words that Dr. Not the historical perspective of Persico, but a psychologists thoughts and story of spending over a year with some of the most vile leaders of the Third Reich.

Instead, he offered a rationalization — one that conveniently shifted all blame to others. It doesn’t mean anything. The author was the Psychologist at the Nuremberg Trials and had unfettered access to all the accused.

Sometimes I quoted the prisoners verbatim in the original German. The exceptio It is interesting to read to what lengths gilbery defendants will go to in the attempt to absolve themselves of any blame for the atrocities that were committed in which they were either directly responsible for or had a part in and try to shift the blame to others whether they be the co-defendants or not.

All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.

Transcripts of interviews, essays by the prisoners and intelligence test results are included. This book details the conversations held between the author and high ranking Nazis at the Nuremberg trials in All you have niremberg do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for nurembergg of patriotism and exposing gustaave country to danger.

Want to Read saving…. A close insight into the hearts and minds of Nazis on trial at Nuremberg by a psychologist who was tasked with keeping them sane and willing to defend themselves and accept the crimes of the NSDAP by for example separating them for lunch so that Goering would not have so much influence on the others etc.

Mar 13, Nupur Harshita rated it it was amazing. Goering, Hess, Ribbentrop e Co. Subscribe for our daily newsletter. Some of the acting is a little hammy but overall it’s worth watching if you’re so inclined. Il gustae dei suoi incontri con i leader nazisti sotto accusa. The New York Times. Gilbert has a strong hatred there’s really no other word for it for the men he is dealing with, it became distracting after awhile and made the work less enjoyable. Gilbert’s analysis and comments on the situation is extremely distracting.


Ten of the men were executed, and Hermann Goering committed suicide shortly before he was to be hanged. We simply could not have imagined that governments would perpetrate such crimes again or that groups would arise, such gilberrt ISIS and Boko Haram, that would not only commit atrocity crimes nureberg a systematic gilbwrt but would openly boast of doing so, brazenly disseminating the proof of their atrocities to a vast worldwide audience.

Nov 24, Adam DeVille, Ph. Written with admirable restraint by a psychologist who gives us limited insights into the minds of Goerring, Hess, von Ribbentrop, and the others high in the Nazi hierarchy, this book gilbrrt in essence a collection of case histories written as the Nuremberg trials progressed, and ending with final interviews of the criminals right before their executions.

Gustave Gilbert – Wikipedia

Gilbert, a fluent German speaker, served as a prison psychologist in Nuremberg, where he had close contact with those on trial. The account of the psychological state of all pri This book is extremely interesting and was written by American psychologist GM Gilbert who was assigned as prison psychologist for the first Nuremberg trials – the Nazi leaders. Rosenberg sostiene che la natura del movimento antisemita era puramente difensiva. The individuals interrogated included both defendants and witnesses.

He also provides a summary of the charges and of the verdicts.

All you have diaary do is tell them they are being attacked and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. Conspiracy to commit crimes alleged in other counts; 2. InGilbert convinced Leon Pomeroy, then a recent graduate from University of Texas at Austinto build a clinical doctoral program in the field of psychology at Long Island University.