Mark Mazower provides us with a very readable and highly stimulating intellectual history of Western internationalism starting with the Vienna. A majestic narrative reckoning with the forces that have shaped the nature and destiny of the world’s governing institutions The story of global. Governing the World has ratings and 26 reviews. Helen said: This is a wonderfully written book by historian Mark Mazower about the idea of an interna.. .

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The History of an Idea.

Thomas rated it really liked it Dec 26, Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Mazower puzzles over why the US and Britain put so much into these structures, when the previous world order suited them fine.

Preview — Governing the World by Mark Mazower.

Governing the World by Mark Mazower – review | Books | The Guardian

To a certain extent it surely is and Mazower never pretends to write a legal history of the United Nations. Wilson’s ideal of politics as inherently deliberative underpinned his commitment — a deeply elitist commitment — to democracy and public opinion as the bedrock of any mazoweg political order. Lists with This Book.

While the book is built on a carefully theoriz A magisterial intellectual history of how people since the 19 century have imagined possible restraints on the power of great states, on the one hand, and mazwoer failures weak ones, on the other.

For example, the Govedning Deal state sheltered the American people from the impact of unrestrained flows of goods and people from the world, providing them with economic security at home and sustaining a baseline of popular support for active US engagement in global institutions. Within this broader narrative Mazower traces multiple strands governung internationalist thought that were brought into the intellectual discourses from diverse sources, including the Christian missionaries who experienced a cultural renaissance in the conservative first half of goerning nine Mazower traces the idea and practice of international governance and cooperation from the Concert of Europe established after the fall of Napoleon to the modern experiments of the United Nations and the European Union.

He cunningly hopes, he divinely schemes, to bring it about that America, awake at last to her mazkwer self-hood and calling, shall become a colossal Christian apostle, shepherding the world in the kingdom of God.

Politicians, journalists, bankers, and businessmen make their pilgrimage to the heavily guarded Alpine precinct of Davos, seeking to confirm through this triumph of corporate sponsorship that a global ruling elite exists and that they belong to it.


Governing the World: The Rise and Fall of an Idea, 1815 to the Present

It was Zamenhof’s hope that his universal language might open up an escape route from destructive nationalist conflicts, mapping instead a possible path to world peace. The History of an Idea. One of the reasons for the mid-century popularity of the state and sovereignty was that both had proved themselves in extreme circumstances.

The root of this idea for Mazower is the liberal internationalism of people like Mill and Mazzini, who wanted liberal, democratic nations that could interact on the basis of equality and mutual respect. Communist internationalism, Mazower argues, is best understood as yet another “variant of the profusion of midth-century visions of world order”.

Oct 08, Dermot Nolan rated it it was amazing. International Politics in Secondly, the League was an extension of the British and French Empires under the fhe of a universal organization. Mazower is here Not governing the world? By creating models of equity, solidarity, and sacrifice, they transformed public attitudes in ways that endured into peacetime. Another new element was the specialized Economic and Social Council, initially a reform idea developed for the League, with the task of co-ordinating economic, social, and humanitarian activities of the UN.

He points to the inadequate response of the PMC to cases like the French bombardment of the centre of Damascus to put down a nationalist uprising, but at the same time concedes that institutionalized external supervision modified the perception of colonial rule: Governing the W Global financial integration, voverning, failed states, climate change, and a host of other issues that transcend national borders call out for new forms of transnational cooperation and mazowef.

All of these topics are covered and explained in the book – which I suggest to the reader to stick with it, since it is a page plus book – given the sweep of history and ideas recounted.

No longer would international relations be the exclusive monopoly of a traditional caste of diplomats who preferred discretionary powers maozwer secret deal-making to rules and formal arbitration. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

This is the idea of taking global gov’t out of the hands of mendacious, myopic politicians and handing it over to the new epistemic communities of lawyers, doctors, economists, and other scholars.

Those who have read Mazower’s earlier Worlld Enchanted Palace will recognize several of his arguments. The only disappointment is not learning much about Mazower’s speculations about what be ahead in the 21st Century as China mzaower India become global powers.


This book is incredibly ambitious in the range of ideas that it attempts to synthesize, yielding a somewhat dizzying quality: In these circumstances, there was every reason to support the UN idea and few evident drawbacks. In the same way, the author’s discussion of Italy’s Mazzini is excellent, symbolizing the two govefning of liberal nationalism: For the evidence suggests that efforts to export Western ideas of the rule of law to rural societies with robust complex legal traditions of their own has been far from productive and has even created instability and violence.

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Mazzower 23, Leo rated it really liked it. The only disappointment is not learning muc I read this book with pencil in hand and found I couldn’t stop underlining important insights and new understandings.

As an obituarist noted on his death in in a phrase that could appear in any textbook on liberalism:. This book mazoeer me really sad: The Experience of Occupation, ,” ” Dark Continent: This book is a bit of a whirlwind of people, ideas and institutions tracking their evolution.

Governing the World: The Rise and Fall of an Idea, to the Present by Mark Mazower

From the beginning, the willingness of national leaders to cooperate has been spurred by crisis: Of particular interest is his periodization of postwar international governance efforts. Full review on constant geography dot com. History worpd not prophecy, but Mark Mazower shows us why the current dialectic between ideals and power politics in the international arena is just another stage in an epic two-hundred-year story.

Jul 10, Joseph Stieb rated it really liked it. Drawing on the work of German legal theorist Carl Schmitt, Mazower argues that the ability to define and propagate international norms constitutes a vital source of national power. We are living woorld a time of extreme confusion about the purpose and durability of our international institutions. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded. Yes, it lived up to expectations, and Mazower’s earlier achievements. Govdrning About Governing the Wor