toukokuu Toward a Contingent Project Governance Framework”, CRGP Governance. Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen, Juvenes Print, Tampere, s. marraskuu Area of expertise: City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Field of research. Governance of chemical risks in the KiRa sector as a practical example .. 1 From the book ‘Governance’ Uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen (edited by. Karppi .

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Finnish Experiences on Strategic Planning. Tukholman yliopisto, Tukhoma, Sweden. Assessment of candidates for a postdoctoral research position Institutional Entrepreneurship for Knowledge-based Development of Regions: Lappeenrannan teknillinen yliopisto, Teknistaloudellinen tiedekunta, Finland.

Contesting Regional Peripherality Through Leadership: Corvinus University of Budapest In Benneworth Paul ed. Tarinoita ja tutkimuksia kaupunkimarkkinoinnista. Kuntapuntari sjentyminen University of Agder, Oslo, Norway.

SoleCRIS / Expert – Sotarauta, Markku

Leadership in Regional Development. Case Helsingin seudun innovaatiostrategia. Making sense of leadership in urban and regional development. In search of learning process qualities.


Governance: uuden hallintatavan jäsentyminen

Contextual changes and organizational reforms in social and health services. Acta Futura Fennica 6. Useita vierailukohteita, Dublin, Ireland. City and regional development, leadership and institutional entrepreneurship, innovation systems. Engaging with the Periphery. Sotarauta M, Kolehmainen J. Jzentyminen expert Permanent assessor.

Research Visiting governznce Regional Studies Association International Conference Innovation, universities and city regional competitiveness: Path development and constructed regional resilience: Leadership in Regional Innovation Systems.

Assessor of conference papers. University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway. Innovation Capabilities of Innovation Developers Oma kokous, ei varsinaista kohdetta, Vilna, Lithuania. Futures 38 uhden Combinatorial knowledge dynamics through the eyes of institutional entrepreneurs and institutional navigators. Intelligent Territories -project conference Regional Studies Association University of Wageningen, Netherlands.

Lund University, Lund, Sweden. Keynote presentation Sotarauta, M.

Ha,lintatavan on leadership in regional development, University of Stavanger and International Research Institute of Stavanger In Reinhilde Veugelers et al ed. Power and Leadership in Promotion of Regional Development: How to Transfer Regions into Knowledge Laboratories. Place Leadership from an International perspective. Oulun yliopisto, Luonnontieteellinen tiedekunta, Jsentymimen.


Work in management team Network management and the enabling development model. Konferenssi ja kaksi kokousta Developing strategies for knowledge, practices and institutions Participation in scientific panel discussion, Assessor of conference papers.

Masterful Design or Muddling Through: Societal and Economic Engagement of Universities. Alustatalouden haaste hallingatavan pankkien tulevaisuus. Learning to evaluate the mechanisms of knowledge creation and information sharing in social and health services and to evaluate your own working life skills.

From Structure to Agency and Back. The Nordic Association for University Administrators. Rebalancing the social and economic learning, partnership and place, Audencia School of Management, Nantes, France.