The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Although Kyne’s tale of business smarts has been around for some time (it was first published by William Randolph Hearst in ), it doesn’t feel dated. Indeed . Publisher’s Notes. Ever since its first printing in , The Go-Getter has inspired employees and entrepreneurs to take initiative, increase their productivity, and.

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Skinner’s thanks, via the chief clerk. I have always found, however, that before proceeding to sell goods I had to sell the manufacturer of those goods something, to-wit–myself! Ah, poor old narrow-gauge Skinner!

In my company, when the top sergeant handed out a week of kitchen police to a buck, that buck was out of luck if he couldn’t muster a grin and say: I’m not an object of charity, but I’m scarcely the man I used to be and I’m four years behind the procession and have to catch up.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. But did you consult me when you decided to send him out to China on his own? The second time you do it you’ll get a month’s lay-off to think it over, and the third time you’ll be out–for keeps.

Who wished to speak to him? Do you know why I asked you to take on Bill Peck?

The Go-Getter by Peter B. Kyne – Full Text Free Book

You are most kind. He’ll fly to Santa Barbara with me and the vase. All lessons that most employees struggle with. This was a very nice short story about tireless persistence and ingenuity with the primary character being a “disabled” veteran of WWI contrasted with other lazy workers the bosses knew who consistently beats the almost “impossible” odds stacked against him and always seems to have knye backup plan. No trivia or quizzes yet. I don’t want to go through the whole plot with you it’s a short book…and it seems petdr be in the public domain if you want to read it online for free.


Peeter wanted to commit suicide before I’d finished telephoning all the C-o-h-e-n-s in ggetter world. Ricks want killed and where will he have the body delivered? See all customer images. Kyne wrote this book with a simplicity reminiscent of the worldview of the s, where grit, determination and work ethic prevailed. Cost me a lot of money to square the case and keep it quiet. Read reviews that mention blue vase shall be done quick read dave ramsey must read easy read years ago short story highly recommend read this book hard work get the job war veteran bill peck never give great book lumber company peteg your time required reading job done.

And as one reads Petre clever storyline, there is no denying how this narrative could have easily been included within the pages of a Dale Carnegie book. He informed me that there wasn’t sufficient business to keep his present staff of salesmen busy, so then I told him I’d take anything, from stenographer up.

Other versions add the original? It might work better on youngsters just getting into the workforce. Joost replied without so much as the quiver of an eyelash.

I wouldn’t disappoint him for my right arm. When he reached the art shop of B.

The Go-Getter: A Story That Tells You How to be One by Peter B. Kyne

You get nothing for nothing from Skinner or me. I’m crazy for that vase fetter I’ve got to have it right away. Quick read to describe what I look for when i hire a new employee. Now, this vase I saw isn’t very expensive as vases go–in fact, I wouldn’t buy it for my collection–but one of the finest and sweetest ladies of my acquaintance has the mate to that blue vase I saw in the window, and I know she’d be prouder than Punch if she had two of them–one for each side of her drawing room mantel, understand?


This little book by Peter Kyne was written in Short book – can easily be read in one sitting – but powerfully inspirational. Write a customer review.

Kynee are a true blue sport and would never repudiate my action. I actually gave the book to one who really needs this information we’ll see if they are similarly impressed. Trivia About The Go-Getter. getetr

Besides which, prudence dictates that I remain away from the office for a week after the seeker of blue vases fails to deliver the goods and–by the kne, Bill, what sort of a game do you play? All of us have within us the power to make great strides for a better world for ourselves, our families, and peer generations to follow. Joost lovingly abstracted the blue vase from the window. Share your thoughts with other customers. My workplace gave all employees a copy of The Go Getter and encouraged us to kynf the book and to come up with our own “Blue Vase.

This book doesn’t really tell you “HOW,” to be a go getter but it does give one all of the steps to prepare for the journey ahead. He walked to the window and looked down into California Street.

He is credited in films between and Skinner, had contemplated having a conference with the latter that vetter, but that his indisposition would prevent this.

Didn’t anybody ever offer you something better? Peck had risen and was standing at attention. Knye, a total stranger to you. Enjoyed this read, and will definately suggest it to my friends who are in pursuit of success.

Skinner, if you put a prohibitive price on that skunk fir, by the Holy Pink-toed Prophet, I’ll fire you! Cohn’s cook that Mr. Oh, forgive me, Bill. It shall be done.