Pasthënia e “Mesharit” të Gjon Buzukut (): U Donih Gjoni,biri hi Bdek(1) Buzukut, tue u kujtuom(2) shumë herë se gluha jonëh nukë kish gjaa të. There is much to discuss on the subject of the “Meshari” by Gjon Buzuku. Leaving history to the historians and language to the linguists, we will. General info: Page from Buzuku’s Meshari Size: KB Dimension: x pixels. Source: Page scanned by Dori from the book Historia e.

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Those who printed it had great difficulty and thus could not fail to make mistakes, for I was not able to be with them all the time. You have entered an incorrect email address! Views Read Edit View history.

Gjon Buzuku – Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia

The archaic text is easily read due to the circumstance that it is mainly a translation of known texts, in particular the Bible.

Public domain Public domain false false. National Library of Albania. Stadion Olympic Stadion Safari. If perchance mistakes have been made in any part, I pray and beg of those who are more learned than I to correct them.

Gjon Buzuku – Wikipedia

mesharl The only original known copy of this book currently is in the Library of the Vatican. Those who have suffered up to now shall suffer no longer. I beg of you from today on to go to church more often to hear the word of God.


The text is very valuable from the viewpoint of the history of language. The Latin alphabet with some additional letters is used. However, it is clear that mesharj Gheg dialect was used.

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Information was scant, and left some visitors wondering what they were looking at and why it was on display. Meshari is the translation of the main parts of the Catholic Liturgy into Albanian.

Gjon Buzuku’s ‘Meshari’ in Tirana

Was ich noch sagen wollte. One media outlet reported that 25, visitors came in the ghon days of exhibition, while others reported 19,and one even stated visitors per day which adds up to 12, Language used is a pre-runner to the Official Gheg Albanian Language.

Running a church, I had to serve in two places. Public domain Public domain false false. Either way, that money came directly from the highest reserve fund at the request of the council of ministers, through diplomatic negotiations and adhering to official standards, clearly means that having the book for 25 days in November was a top Government priority — in terms of time, protocol, budget and other resources to say the least.


The dialect used in Meshari was one of the main subjects of Selman Riza ‘s works. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

All we know about the author is from the book’s colophon written by Buzuku himself in Albanian.

Oh no, there’s been an error

These effects, however, will not be felt right away, if at all. The following page uses this file: Retrieved 8 July Those who have suffered up to now shall suffer no longer.

The book contains the liturgies of the main holidays. He published it as a book of pages. It has since become an important piece of national identity and discussion and several copies have been reproduced. From the land of eagles, a new and powerful voice takes Gjon Buzuku was born in the village of Ljare Krajina, Albanian: I, moreover, wish to finish my work if it please God. Of the thousands of regular people who viewed the book in the exhibition, very few would likely walk away with a meaningful experience.

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