New York Times bestseller Lirael is perfect for fans of epic fantasy like Game of Thrones. In this sequel to the critically acclaimed Sabriel, Garth Nix draws. Lirael by Garth Nix. Lirael book cover. logo logo. Rating / A multifaceted tale of death. Free preview. It has been 18 years. Lirael is Abhorsen Book 2 of The Old Kingdom Series by award-winning author Garth Nix, author of young adult fantasy novels.

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But his world building was thorough and very interesting. But again, it’s not bad at all. She was resourceful; furthering her knowledge of magic every time she could. Her black hair and pale, deathlike skin mark her immediately out from her fellow Clayr, liradl Lirael is also unusally quiet and reserved, because Lirael is very lonely. I thought I would, but no.

It sat on the shelf, shining with it’s own ominous green light that overshadowed the soft glow of the Charter lights in the ceiling. I just couldn’t stand him. Lirael is closer barth a piece of artwork than a book. Nix was born in in Melbourne, Australia, and spent his childhood in Canberra.

Lirael by Garth Nix – review | Children’s books | The Guardian

But more on that in the appropriate review. Most of the Clayr had brown gadth that quickly tanned to a deep chestnut out on the glacier slopes, as well as bright blond hair and light eyes. The book certainly ends with a cliffhanger, llirael the reader with many unanswered questions.


But in escaping she discovers her house holds the gateway to the Realm of Bellania It has been 18 years since Sabriel and Touchstone defeated the Great Undead, Kerrigor and they now reign together, man and wife, as Abhorsen and King of the Old Kingdom. For such a long book, it made it seem a bit like filler. Finally, when it is confirmed just oh how special the girl is, she is sent out of the glacier to save the world.

Week 1 1 1 Mar 12, We meet Lirael, who is a loner and has trouble being around other people and communicating. It is filled with twists and turns, playful inventiveness and dark magic, and is sure to satisfy his many readers. Settings Tips on technique 3: Also, Tim Curry’s narration is very good.

gzrth Here he is expected to succeed his mother Sabriel as the Abhorsen: I listened to the audio version and Tim Curry makes everything so much better, he totally knows how to perfectly creep you out when he wants to. Books by Garth Nix. He snatched back his hand and retreated to the front of the fireplace, where he crouched down in misery and hugged his knees.

Oct 11, Mayim de Vries rated it liked it. But she’s a remembrancer, so she can use the dark mirror to See into the past. I will read almost anything that has a Dillions cover, story be damned. While the other Clayrs of ages younger than Lirael started gaining the power of Seeing, she remained an outcast as she continues to well into her teenage years without even a hint of it. So is the portrayal of Death, which is a river, grey and cold, with currents pulling the dead through the Gates, nine in all before a soul goes beyond any necromancer’s ability to be summoned back.


Not to mention that it works as pure escapism, Nix crafting a beautiful and rich world that whisks you along on a great adventure. But once the plot became focused for the characters it moved along very well. In Sabriel, the heroine and we as the readers were plunged almost immediately into the dangerous journey across the Wall. As the story continued, however, I liked her.

This article is about the book. More than five million copies of his books have been sold around the world, they have appeared on the bestseller lists of The New York Times, Publishers Weekly and USA Today and his work has been translated into 42 languages.

Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr

View all 9 comments. Hopefully, the next one will be better. Hix finishing his degree in he worked in a bookshop, then as a book publicist, a publisher’s sales representative, and editor. Orphans Eric Chant nicknamed Cat and his sister Gwendolen, a gifted witch, are whisked away to live in a castle with Chrestromanci, a much-revered man of magic, wealth an My wounds have already scarred, but still, the book does not deserve more than 2 stars and another half for the story potential.

Sir Thursday The Keys to the Kingdom: