Results 1 – 12 of 61 Meditation: Letters on the Guidance of the Inner Life Oct 15, by Friedrich Rittelmeyer and M. L. Mitchell. The Holy Year: Meditative Contemplations of Seasons and Festivals. Friedrich Rittelmeyer; Translated by Margaret Mitchell and Alan Stott; Edited by Neil. By Friedrich Rittelmeyer. A Southern Cross Review E-book. http:// 56 pages. Born of October 5, , in Germany, Dr. Friedrich.

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He will wish that he may help the Christ triedrich His task is heaviest and most menaced, where Christ Himself suffers and has to fight most bitterly.

Most people call it coincidence and slough it off immediately. Again rittelemyer again he quotes the old Moltke. I speak words which they would wish to hear.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer – Wikipedia

Some time after reading a lot of Carl Jung’s work and attending a lot of meetings with rittelmmeyer who claimed to be Jungians, I came across a statement by Jung that he could never be a Jungian.

There he married Julie Kerler on 5 April Everyone can live in the Christian Community who is at one with us in devotion to Christ, even if he says: Eyes were being strained down microscopes and telescopes; every beetle and every comet examined. It is not Christian to long for rest and blessedness far from the miseries of earth. Meine lebensbegegnung mit Rudolf Steiner by Friedrich Rittelmeyer Book 55 editions published between and in 6 languages and held by WorldCat member libraries worldwide 1e Aufl.

The truth of reincarnation is a word of Christ to our time. Indeed it increased in clarity and power.

Thick volumes were being written on the Mystics of the past; people were journeying to India in search of Yogis in order to converse with them. Steiner, and in the solemnly decorated hall where Dr. I had to pass through all those other phases.


I personally felt that the natural thing to do was to form as accurate a judgment as possible of the man who was bringing the teaching. I felt I knew by that time what he meant. Remember the surge of interest in the mystics and yogis of India during the s?

If they have no inner relation to what is said they stay away. Part of a series on. But they did not see that in the very heart of European civilization there was something far greater, something that would have given them the most living understanding of the Mystics of the past and the Yogis in far-off India. And so one word came to one, another to another, each according to his particular preparation.

All these things form part of a theologian’s experience of Rudolf Steiner. These exercises gave rise to a first real joy in life, and a comforting sense of health in an organism that from youth onwards had been far too sensitive.

It was at Midsummer, The truth is exactly the reverse. Rudolf Steiner was a natural clairvoyant since birth.

Rittelmeyer, Friedrich 1872-1938

After I spoke a eulogy for my beloved brother, David, the spouse of one of my cousins said to me, “When I die, I want you to speak at my funeral. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat It is an obligation of gratitude to Rudolf Steiner to state this publicly in order to contradict rumors of another kind.

One need only study and work at it and the truth will reveal itself in time. Rittelmeyer knew what it meant to be a Christian and he gives us three wishes that an authentic Christian would make upon passing into the spiritual world:.


There are no historical records.

Rittelmeyer worked and closely collaborated with Christian Geyer —the head preacher of the Sebalduskircheand the pair produced two joint volumes of sermons. For a time he may rejoice to find himself free of the earth and all her misery. How will it be with him? Steiner had given most of his great lectures, I was performing the burial service according to the ritual of the Christian Community, a drop of the sprinkled water fell in the center of the forehead and shone there through the whole service like a sparkling diamond.

I did not let a single opportunity for judging Rudolf Steiner as a man slip by. Steiner said one friwdrich May I rrittelmeyer you about them?

But calumnies spread ritteelmeyer by frievrich to the effect that Rudolf Steiner’s exercises made people ill, and that I myself am an example of this, must be put an end to.

It was a karmic necessity. Rittelmeyer was one of the founders of the Christian Community and yet he openly avers that reincarnation is not a dogma of his church.

Friedrich Rittelmeyer

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. With Rudolf Steiner there was simply no question of trance. When, later on, this state of things altered for a time, again the cause was not due to Rudolf Steiner but to the after-effects of a fall in the mountains, which injured the membranes of the brain and made all mental exertion, and the exercises, impossible for many months. With the Synoptic Gospels I must first adjust myself.