From Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged: “So you think that money is the root of all evil?” said Francisco d’Anconia. “Have you ever asked what is the. 57 quotes have been tagged as francisco-d-anconia: Ayn Rand: ‘An honest man is one who knows that he tags: atlas-shrugged, francisco-d-anconia, money. Francisco d’Anconia on Money has said that his views on monetary policy are based on Francisco d’Anconia’s speech in Atlas Shrugged.

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Money does not itself create anything, but because it is the medium of exchange it makes possible the specialized production and long-distance commerce that are the basis of our advanced and bountiful civilization.

Money will not give you the unearned, neither in matter nor in spirit. We do not release email addresses. You have been called anti-social for the vision that made you venture upon undiscovered roads.

The Morality of Money

There are no evil thoughts except one: When money ceases to be the tool by which men deal with one another, then men become the tools of men. Then all the things you buy will become, not a tribute to you, but a reproach; not an achievement, but a reminder of shame.

Paper is a mortgage on wealth that does not exist, backed by a gun aimed at those who are expected to produce it. Then the race goes, not to the ablest at production, but to those most ruthless at brutality. In short, not every penny is a badge of honor for Objectivists, but we can nevertheless presume in most cases that it is a sign of goodness.

Francisco d’Anconia’s ‘Money Speech’ from Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand – video dailymotion

You have been scorned for all those qualities of character sspeech are your highest pride. Money allows no power to prescribe the value of your effort except the voluntary choice of the man who is willing to trade you his effort in return.


Do not envy a worthless heir; his wealth is not yours and you would have done no better with it.

Americans were the first to understand that wealth has to be created. Ayn Rand’s answer was unequivocal: They are the natural bait for the swarms of looters that stay under rocks for centuries, but come crawling out at the first smell of a man who begs to be forgiven for the guilt of owning wealth.

They appoint themselves the overseers of society, exploit their riches to gain the power of government, and then paternalistically manage our lives through taxes, regulation, and mandatory social programs. Shortsighted hedonism and the soulless conformity of “keeping up with the Joneses” are contemptible uses for wealth. Such is the meaning of money. You have been called ruthless for the strength and self-discipline of your drive to your purpose.

Money is a living power that dies without its root.

To love a thing is to know and love its nature. Is money made by mmoney intelligent at the expense of the fools? So long as production was ruled by force, and wealth was obtained by conquest, there was little to conquer, Yet through all the centuries of stagnation and starvation, men exalted the looters, as aristocrats of the sword, as aristocrats of birth, as aristocrats of the bureau, and despised the producers, as slaves, as traders, as shopkeepers—as industrialists.

Is this what you consider evil? And the author’s reaction, like the reactions of many editorialists and commentators, is disgust with “greed” and contempt for the idea that money-making might be moral. You have been called cruel for your unyielding integrity.

The same sspeech be said of those who pour vast sums into religions, which most often teach people that moral worth consists in self-sacrifice and that non-rational faith is the only means to ultimate truth.


Money is made— before it can francisck looted or mooched—made by the effort of every honest man, each to the extent of his ability. Similarly, spending money is not in itself morally admirable. In American culture we have the healthy sense that there’s nothing wrong in earning a buck, but it is admixed with the moral conviction that money is the root of all evil. And then that society vanishes, in a spread of ruins and slaughter.

This is the code of existence whose tool and symbol is money. Money permits no deals except those to mutual benefit by the unforced judgment of moneg traders.

Francisco d’Anconia’s ‘Money Speech’ from Atlas Shrugged, by Ayn Rand

But their loot becomes the magnet for other looters, who get it from them as they got it. It will not permit a country to survive as half-property, half-loot.

But this does not mean we equate wealth with moral worth, especially not in the mixed economic system we have today. Money is made possible only by the men who speceh. You have been called selfish for the courage of acting on your own judgment and bearing sole responsibility for your own life.

Francisco D Anconia Quotes

The men of intelligence desert him, but the cheats and the frauds come flocking to him, drawn by a law which he has not discovered: Still, the goodness of wealth is only a presumption. Hence, the common sight of a productive genius who eagerly passes his earnings on to the hands of those enemies of industry and freedom residing in universities, foundations, and churches.

They know they are able to deserve it.