We demystify the seduction technique called fractionation seduction, explaining the theory behind it & some practical examples of how it is used. Fractionation Seduction Examples. By Steven Farquhar. Do you want to know what that miracle dating technique is that every guy has been talking about. For example, most of the guys who know how to use mind control to seduce women would rather keep this technique to themselves obviously.

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Do it quickly, say, within a couple of minutes.

Fractionation Seduction: Seducing Your Way To A Woman’s Heart

Supporters exzmples the theory claim that fractionation can make a woman fall in love and get in bed with you in just 15 minutes — but is it true? Many men desire to exercise mind control over their women because dominance would bring a lot of benefits e. There are several things you need to work on: Describe exampels me how you felt exactly? If a woman knows you are in control, she will take your position in the relationship seriously and feel more comfortable because she has someone to count on.

Master hypnotists have actually subtly used fractionation for years to get people to do what they want. There is no such thing.

Fractionation Seduction: Seducing Your Way To A Woman’s Heart

However, given the amount of details inside this guide, it can indeed be difficult to remember everything. Only men with good intentions should even consider using this technique — and not very often. Like all other Mind Control techniques, Fractionation is as manipulative as it gets.


This will result in emotional addiction on her part once you get her to associate pleasure with your presence and ffactionation with your absence, as well as an emotional connection that is very important if you want her to get to like you.

I hope you can answer my question. In other words, you have been simply subjected to a suggestion. But the good news is that you can help yourself. So here it goes. He was that fantastic!

I had gone over to pay a visit to Dr Fairweather at his hypnotherapy practice in swanky Knightsbridge, London over freezing winter seeduction couple of years ago. But if you want to know how to win a woman over quickly, then this is the best technique to achieve that, bar none. The truth is that all successful xeduction, scriptwriters and movie directors are masters at using Fractionation to put their audiences into trance.

What normally takes a couple of weeks will happen in a couple of hours. So, do your homework well; get ready, and try fractionation seduction on a woman you like.

Fractionation Seduction Steps™ (3 Simple Steps To Dominate Her) • Fractionation Seduction

In every female mind is an emotional rollercoaster addiction, meaning that there are some things exaamples simply cannot get enough of such as romantic movies, books, and soap operas. How long will it take me to master the Shogun Method and begin to see some results?


Do you want to know what that miracle dating technique is that every guy has been talking about recently? How does one going about recovering from being a victim of this type of psychological abuse?

How To Seduce Women Using The One Sentence Fractionation

Your seduction game should be geared towards developing trust between you and her. Download the Fractionation Action Checklist and get yet another Mind Control trick not found in this guide.

If anything, Fractionation works even better when it comes to ex-girlfriends or wives. Thanks John for commenting this.

Make sure that you evoke new emotions in her each time you resume the exciting story. Used this on my ex and she came sefuction back into my arms. Frcationation you want women to appreciate you drop the resentment and face reality.

Since when is feminist stuff evil? Then proceed to take the following steps.

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