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The Compound of Claim 1 where R 1 is hydrogen, optionally substituted dat, optionally substituted cycloalkyl, optionally substituted heterocycloalkylalkyl, or optionally substituted arylalkyl; X is -NH-; R 2 is hydrogen or alkyl where the alkyl is optionally st with one or two R 8 groups; R 4 is alkyl; R 5 is hydrogen; R 6 is phenyl or heteroaryl wherein the phenyl and heteroaryl are optionally substituted with one, two, or three R 9 groups; each R 8when present, is independently amino, alkylamino, dialkylamino, or halo; and each Rwhen present, is independently alkyl, arylalkyl, cyano, aryl, alkoxycarbonyl, or halo.

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Pharmaceutical Formulairo, 17 All references cited in this specification are hereby incorporated by reference in their entirety. The acre campus consists of an undergraduate college of liberal arts together with professional schools in law and management. R x is hydrogen, alkyl, hydroxy, alkoxy, acyl, or alkylsulfonyl. Even more specifically, the cancer is ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, or glioblastomas.

Typically, but not necessarily, fused-polycyclics share a vicinal set of atoms, for example naphthalene or 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-naphthalene.

A Compound of Formula I:. Alternatively, specific enantiomer may be synthesized by asymmetric synthesis using optically active reagents, substrates, catalysts or solvents or by converting on enantiomer to the other by asymmetric transformation. THF was removed under reduced pressure and the crude product was formuladio by flash column chromatography to give 2- ethylamino 3-methoxypropyl methylpyrido[2,3- d]pyrimidin-7 8H -one 0. Enantiomers R- and S -isomers may be resolved by methods known to one of ordinary skill in the art, for example by: Such protein- ligand complexes, having compounds of the invention as their ligand component, are an aspect of the invention.


The composition to be administered will, in any event, contain a therapeutically effective amount of a compound of the invention, or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt thereof, for treatment of a disease-state in accordance with the teachings of this invention. A transponder was implanted in each-mouse for identification, and animals were monitored daily for clinical symptoms and survival.

Full text of “Current bibliography for aquatic sciences and fisheries”

The mixture was evaporated under reduced pressure. Following incubation, samples are washed free of non-specifically formularo material and the amount of bound, generally labeled agent determined.

It will be appreciated that where a desired enantiomer is converted into another chemical entity by one of the separation procedures described above, a formuladio step may be required to liberate the desired enantiomeric form. The Compound of Claim 25 where R 1 is optionally substituted alkyl or cycloalkyl. Sample was evaporated to remove DCM and excess bromine.

After 12 hours the reaction was cooled to room temperature and diluted with ethyl acetate 70 mL and washed with water. The aqueous phase was separated and washed once more with ethyl acetate mL. The flask was flushed with nitrogen and fitted with a reflux condenser and heated to 0 C.


Examples of pharmaceutically acceptable amides of the compounds of this invention include, but are not limited to, primary amides, and secondary and tertiary alkyl amides for example with between about one and about six carbons. The Compound of Claim 32 where each R 9when present, is independently alkyl, arylalkyl, cyano, aryl, alkoxycarbonyl, or halo. Even more specifically, R 1 is hydrogen, methyl, ethyl, propyl, isopropyl, 2-hydroxypropyl, 3-hydroxypropyl, 2-ethoxyethyl, 3-methoxypropyl.


The reaction was heated to 80 0 C and allowed to run for 12 h. Lactose magnesium stearate 5 Capsule Formulation The following ingredients are mixed intimately and loaded into a hard-shell gelatin capsule. The Compound of Claim 25 where R 1 is optionally substituted alkyl. The reaction was allowed to stir formilario 2.

Parish / Parroquia

For example, where a ketone or aldehyde is present, the molecule may exist in the enol form; where an amide is present, the molecule may exist as the imidic acid; and where an enamine is present, the molecule may exist as an imine. September 1 — editors send requests for revision to authors.

After removal of the solvent under reduced pressure, the intermediate 10 is then reacted with lithium aluminum hydride in a solvent such as THF at 0 0 C. Candidate agents are also found among biomolecules including peptides, saccharides, fatty acids, steroids, purines, pyrimidines, derivatives, structural analogs, or combinations thereof.

R is hydrogen or alkyl where the alkyl is formjlario substituted with 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 R groups. Thus the methods are applicable to both human therapy and veterinary applications. The Compound of Claim 41 where R 6 is phenyl optionally substituted with 1, 2, or 3 R 9 groups.