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Donor challenge: Your generous donation will be matched 2-to-1 right now. Your $5 becomes $15! Dear Internet Archive Supporter,. I ask only. provide extensive information about FM ( ). Field Manual (FM) for other counterobstacle operations. This manual applies the current AirLand Battle doctrine described in FM to river.

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Airborne Operations (FM 90-26)

They should be 90-266 with their assigned weapons and other weapons in the unit. Selection and Operation of Marshaling Camps The airborne brigade task force can be part of an airborne assault by a larger unit, or it can constitute the initial assault force, preparing the way for deployment of a follow-on force.

On 17 Decemberthe National Command Authority decided to commit specially trained airborne units to military action in Panama.

Mission-Oriented Protection Posture Although the USAF can conduct limited airdrops without air superiority, large operations require neutralization or suppression of enemy air defenses.

Method of Delivery Security Force Operations They must be confident in their ability to fight with these weapons They must be highly skilled in land navigation, camouflage, and tracking and stalking techniques. These fundamentals are valid at every level:. These units are the result of a tough, thorough, and demanding training program conducted by leaders who understand the effective employment of airborne forces, the combined arms team, and joint operations.


Forces must fit the task. Sequence of Operations Establishment of the shortest possible chain of command is critical to success.

FM Chptr 1 Introduction

The training program must continue after the unit begins conducting combat operations. Preparation for War This phase begins with aircraft takeoff and ends with unit delivery to the DZ s or LZ s. They can also be used for rapid reinforcement of friendly ground units. Air Defense Artillery Elements Tactical air reconnaissance requires close joint cooperation, and aerial and satellite photographs and stereoscopic 990-26 can help offset the lack of terrain reconnaissance before an airborne assault.

Airborne Operations FM 90 26

The skills, teamwork, and cohesion must be sustained as replacements arrive in the unit. Paratroopers must have complete trust and confidence in their leaders.

Distribution of Supply Plan joint tactics and support.

Sequence of Delivery Additional target acquisition assets are needed to provide accurate and timely targeting information. This close personal fight requires combat-ready units composed of skilled soldiers and resourceful leaders. 9026


Airborne forces can be employed anywhere in the theater of war. The environment of the close fight should be simulated when possible.

Airborne Operations (FM ) : Department of the Army :

The primary advantages of airborne operations are as follows:. Approved for public release; distribution is unlimited. To capture a suitable airhead for airland elements, the unit conducting the airborne assault must be able fn capture airfields or terrain suitable for landing air transports.

This can be a joint responsibility, depending on the availability and capability of fire support assets. 09-26 from the Assembly Area Planning Tm Air Support Phases of Supply Unit Protective Measures Resupply by Air These forces were then to link up with elements of the 7th Infantry Division Lightthe 5th Infantry Division Mechanizedand the d Infantry Brigade.

Enter Your Email Address. Airdrop of equipment and supplies is the main resupply method for airborne forces and requires extensive planning.