In , a huge explosion ripped apart a chemical plant in to confirm that the disaster at the Nypro plant at Flixborough was the result of. Failure Knowledge Database / Selected Cases. 1. Disaster of Chemical Plant at Flixborough. June 1st. , Flixborough UK. TAKEGAWA. Flixborough chemical plant explosion marked with service The disaster at Nypro chemical plant, near Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, left

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When lagging was stripped from it, a crack extending about 6 feet 1. Windows and frames were torn from walls, falling masonry wrecked cars and personal belongings littered streets. The ACMH’s terms of reference were to identify types of non-nuclear installations posing a major hazard, and advise on appropriate controls on their establishment, siting, layout, design, operation, maintenance and development including overall development in their vicinity.

The report of the court of inquiry was critical of the installation of the bypass pipework on a number of counts: During the late afternoon on 1 June the temporary bypass pipe flizborough, and a huge quantity of cyclohexane leaked from the pipe, forming a vapour cloud which then found a source of ignition. It said the disaster was caused wholly by the coincidence of a number of unlikely errors in the design and installation of a modification.

Speculation followed about the source of the blast, but then there was a radio message to the gala venue that all emergency services were needed elsewhere. The inquiry report identified ‘lessons to be learned’ which it presented under various headings; ‘General observation’ relating to cultural issues underlying the disaster’specific lessons’ directly relevant to the disaster, but of general applicability are reported below; there were also ‘general’ and ‘miscellaneous lessons’ of less relevance to the disaster.

Retrieved 27 June Sinceit had instead produced caprolactama chemical used in the manufacture of nylon 6. During those 45 years there were no doubt many occasions when fitters broke into equipment and found it had not been isolated, or broke into the wrong line because it had not been identified positively. The cyclohexane oxidation process is still operated in much the same plant design in the Far East. A company operating a notifiable installation should be required to survey its hazard potential, and inform HSE of the hazards identified and the procedures and methods adopted or to be adopted to deal with them.

For two months after fitting the bypass was operated continuously at temperature and pressure and gave no trouble.

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It virtually demolished the site. Mon 2 Jan at 8: The leaks having been dealt with, early on 1 June attempts began to bring the plant back up to pressure and temperature.

However, [12] gives a graphical presentation of the raw data overpressure inferred from damage vs distance from explosion source for Flixborough Fig 3. It was the biggest explosion to ever occur in Britain during peacetimeuntil the fire at the Hertfordshire oil storage terminal Buncefield in December The Petrochemicals Division of Imperial Chemical Industries ICI operated many plants with large inventories of flammable chemicals at its Wilton site including one in which cyclohexane was oxidised to cyclohexanone and cyclohexanol.

Entertainment Your guide to New Year’s Eve entertainment in Scunthorpe and around North Lincolnshire Events will be held across the region as people see in the start of Significant overpressures could be developed where the release was large, and ignition delayed: On returning home to Goole I was called in for duty and with other officers carried out anti looting patrols through the night.

My grandfather in Grimsby heard the explosion and thought it was very strange thunder.

The plant control room collapsed, killing all 18 occupants. Scunthorpe United Scunthorpe United reveal detailed plans for redevelopment of Glanford Park The club have unveiled detailed information on what the stadium could look like – and there are also plans for up to new homes at the site.

I was a serving police constable in Humberside Police and at the time of the incident I was shopping in Baxtergate Doncaster with my family when we heard the explosion.

The casualty figures could have been much higher, if the explosion had occurred on a weekdaywhen the main office area would have been occupied. Advisory Committee on Major Hazards: Neither when they were first built, nor now that they are in operation, has any local or government agency exercised effective control over their safety. The rarity of major disasters tends to breed complacency and even a contempt for written instructions.

Learning from Accidents, 3rd edition. Offsite consequences resulted in fifty-three reported injuries. The site was demolished inalthough the administration block still remains. The inquiry report took the view that explosions frequently throw debris in unexpected directions and eyewitnesses often have confused recollections.

This resulted in the escape of a large quantity of cyclohexane. It was ‘of the greatest importance that plants at which there is a risk of instant as opposed to escalating disaster be identified. Dramatic Scunthorpe Telegraph pictures taken a few hours after the explosion — showing raging fires and billowing smoke — have appeared in print many times over subsequent years.


Sat 31 May at 5: Failings in technical measures A plant modification occurred without a full assessment of the potential consequences. Thank you for subscribing See our privacy notice. Views Read Edit View history. No one concerned in the design or construction of the plant envisaged the possibility of a major disaster happening instantaneously. Flixborough led to a widespread public outcry over process plant safety.

The management of major hazard installations must show that it possessed and used a selection of appropriate hazard recognition techniques, [S] had a proper system for audit of critical safety features, and used independent assessment where appropriate.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June

At a working level the offset was accommodated by a dog-leg in the bypass assembly; a section sloping downwards inserted between and joined with by mitre welds two horizontal lengths of inch pipe abutting the existing inch stubs. The cyclohexane formed a flammable mixture and subsequently found a source of ignition.

Ralph King suggested that a reaction between water which had settled in one of the reactors and the hot cyclohexane above it caused a massive rise in pressure that blew apart the piping. Similarly the level of authority for technical approval for any plant modification must also be clearly defined. Scunthorpe United Scunthorpe United make their first summer signing. Where instruments or electrical equipment were involved signatures would also be needed from the relative specialist instrument manager or electrical engineer.

Nypro’s advisers had put considerable effort into the 8-inch hypothesis, and the inquiry report put considerable effort into discounting it. Detailed analysis suggested that the 8-inch pipe had failed due to creep cavitation at a high temperature while the pipe was under pressure.

Flixborough (Nypro UK) Explosion 1st June 1974

The plant produced caprolactam — a raw material for Nylon 6, used in the manufacture of clothing, carpets, fishing nets, ropes, and belts. Retrieved 10 July The Flixborough site gained a new usewhen Glanford Borough Council decided to turn itinto a modern industrial estate. In the absence of inch nominal bore pipe mm DNflixbofough nominal bore pipe mm DN was used to fabricate the bypass pipe for linking reactor 4 outlet to reactor 6 inlet.