National Book Award–winner Kozol (The Shame of the Nation) Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America. Fire in the Ashes has ratings and reviews. Jay said: It takes all the way to the Epilogue to hear Kozol’s message that he has been honing throu. Jonathan Kozol received the National Book Award for Death at an Early Age, the more stirring, than in Fire in the Ashes, as Jonathan tells the stories of young.

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He shows readers the everyday lives of people, especially children, doing their best with limited resources, such as flawed schools, uncertain security in their neighborhoods, absent or imprisoned fathers, and a lack of job opportunities.

There are few triumphs in the bleak landscapes Kozol visits. Kozol has an obvious gift for friendship, and a willingness to help in practical ways when he believes a child will leverage an opportunity into a better future.


Fire in the Ashes

On numerous occasions, Kozol steps in and helps a tire student from the South Bronx get a scholarship to a good high school or college, calling headmasters, wealthy donors, or philanthropic organizations. Most of all, Kozol stays in touch with these families, making innumerable phone calls, visits, and simply acting as a positive influence in the lives of these children.

Instead, Kozol shows us the very real costs of putting children in bad schools where they receive low-quality educations and then return to communities, like the South Bronx, where economic opportunity is woefully lacking and where criminality becomes the path for more than a few of the young people Kozol encounters. While Vicky initially loves the change, her son Eric soon gets into trouble. Other children Kozol follows die of drug overdoses, in fatal accidents, or spend years in prison or addicted to drugs.


Fire in the Ashes by Jonathan Kozol | : Books

Kozol gets closest to a woman named Alice Washington whom he first meets in a New York hotel that serves as a homeless shelter. She laughed a lot.


Some do make it, such as Benjamin, who decides to give back by fjre a drug counselor in his old neighborhood. Others seek careers in teaching or social work.

Fire in the Ashes: Twenty-Five Years Among the Poorest Children in America by Jonathan Kozol

Throughout, Kozol connects with these kids and young adults on a human level, refusing to step on to some political soapbox. Kozol says what must be said, whether people want to hear it or not: Iozol The Weekender in your inbox:. The Globe’s top picks for what to see and do each weekend, in Boston and beyond. Thank you for signing up!

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