The following example demonstrates how to create a FileUpload control. . You can use the ContentType property to get the MIME content type of the file. tLength); int length = ; string fileName = ng(); string type = File. ContentType. = tType; C# code To get content type of a posted file of file upload control in ? 01 Wednesday.

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Read objData, 0, Int32 objInputStream. You will be notified via email when the author replies to your comment. The status messages should clearly indicate what they are all about, and you can change them to fit your needs. Apple user may use OpenOffice, or some other softwares to upload. Ask our team pkstedfile ASPForums.

C# code To get content type of a posted file of file upload control in

HTMLso you just have to check that the file isn’t one that can be run online by the server. Thanks in advance Regards Jatinder Walia. This article makes use of a table named tblFiles whose schema is defined as follows.

FileUpload ContentType posstedfile Feb 26, Insults are not welcome.


Using br As New BinaryReader fs. That will save you some code, especially if the acceptance postedfiile is not finite and or small. This is the exactly what i need!

Its not as thorough, but it much easier to use and provides an equivalent filduploadcontrol Content type is basically determined by the client, but mostly client may not send content type, in that case ppostedfile extension is only best way to verify type of file.

Is there somewhere where I can see other codes? PDF Create a quick page with this code: Carlos Ferreira 2 Executables often start with the charcaters “MZ”. Is there no way of looking at a file’s internal content and identify what is it’s file type? And here is the CodeBehind code required to handle the upload:. AddWithValue ” Data”bytes.

FileUpload control – The complete WebForms tutorial

If you ever find a site where somebody has already done this for the various file types available, please let me know! I too am facing the same problem. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. I would recommend you to run through some antivirus webservice or scan before acepting the files something like http: You need to maintain a black list of content type as you know what types needs to be blocked rather than the types which needs to be allowed even though later is a much secure practice.


FileUpload ContentType trickery Feb 10, If it has, we use the FileUpload controls SaveAs method to save the file. Microsoft One Code Framework. Once the UploadButton is clicked, we check to see if a file has been specified in the upload control. Content type is bad idea posttedfile if user does not have corresponding software installed, os will send wrong content type.

From txt to pdf is doesn’t work and I also tested doc to pdf doesn’t worked also. All the code samples and API provided by the authors are solely their creation and neither the author nor the site are responsible if it does not work as intended. There is no reason that an comtenttype from mac should behave differently than from pc.

Read the question carefully. Wolf 1, 9