Ta grana znanosti se naziva farmaceutska kemija. () Razvoj farmaceutske kemije omogu io je napredak farmaceutske industrije, koja je postala jedna od najve. INKOMPATIBILNOST, STABILNOSTISTABILIZACIJALJEKOVITIHOBLIKA Inkompati bi l nostisur a z l i c i t en e p o d n o s l j i v o s t il i j e ko v a. FARMACEUTSKA KEMIJA. SEMINAR-S ASKORBINSKA KISELINA VITAMIN C. Zrinka Rajić, mr. pharm. Z. Rajić Rajić- FK- FK-Seminari Vitamini su.

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In vivo hepatoprotective activity of the aqueous extract of Artemisia absinthium L.

Farmaceutska Tehnologija

Thiolated polyaspartamide is an effective biocompatible coating agent for quantum dots. Antihypertensive Drugs in Croatia: Determination of 5-aminosalicylic acid in pharmaceutical formulation by differential pulse voltammetry.

The use of information theory and numerical taxonomy methods for evaluating the quality of thin-layer comratographic separations of flavonoid constituents of Matricariae flos. Paraoxonase 1 activity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Phytochemical analysis and biological evaluation kemuja selected African propolis samples from Cameroon and Congo.

Morphology and distribution of trichomes on leaves in seven Croatian taxa of the genus Stachys Lamiaceae. Electron transfer in N-hydroxyurea complexes with iron III. Priizvodenjuovihstudijapotrebnojevoditiracunakolikodugosupstanceizlagatistresuslovima, jernijepozeljnodobitidegradacioe proizvodekojise necepojavitiuustanjima normalnog skladistenjai u rokutrajanjalijeka.

  HEDS 5540 A11 PDF

Cytotoxicity and apoptosis induced by fumonisin B1, beauvericin and ochratoxin A in porcine kidney PK15 cells: An extensive farmaceutdka study.

Insights into complexity of Congenital disorders of glycosylation. Vladimir Prelog and the study of pharmacy at the University of Zagreb. Extraction of bioactive phenolics from black poplar Populus nigra L. Current system of undergraduate and postgraduate education in clinical chemistry in Croatia. Plasma cortisol in men – relationship with atherosclerosis of retinal arteries.

Farmaceutska Tehnologija

Kinetic of fenoprofen release from PHEA-fenoprofen conjugate. Limitation of the Ellman method: Nova Science Publishers, Hsp70 silencing with siRNA in nanocarriers enhances cancer cell death fzrmaceutska by the inhibitor of Hsp Effect of non-genetic factors on paraoxonase 1 activity in patients undergoing hemodialysis. Residues of enrofloxacin in chickens after oral treatment. Isolation and cytotoxicity of low-molecular-weight metabolites of Candida albicans.

The evidence for clinically significant bias in plasma glucose between liquid and lyophilized citrate buffer additive. Hrvatska farmacija pred ulaskom u Europsku Uniju. Liver fibrosis in mice farmacutska by carbon tetrachloride and its reversion by luteolin.

Medicinski fakultet u Mostaru, Hydantoin derivatives of L- and D-amino acids: Correlation of liquid chromatographic and biological assay for potency assessment of filgrastim and related impurities.


Kvantitativna analiza polifenola u farmaceutsska vrstama roda Teucrium L.


Changes of metallothionein, copper, zinc, and zinc-dependent enzymes induced by immobilization farmacuetska. Accumulation of heavy metals in the fruit and leaves of plum Prunus domestica L. Kolodvorska ljekarna u Zagrebu — na pragu novog doba.

Chemistry of 1, 3-Dioxepins. High efficiency entrapment of superoxide dismutase into mucoadhesive chitosan-coated liposomes. Summary of information on human CYP enzymes: Masand, Vijay Hariram; El.

Hrvatska znanstvena bibliografija – Lista radova

Intravesically administered ketoprofen in a treatment of detrusor instability: Kriju li biljke opasnost za bjelinu zuba? The World Health Organization classification of lymphomas. Hypercalcemia induces a proinflammatory phenotype in rat leukocytes and endothelial cells. Essential oil composition and antioxidant activity of Thymus bracteosus Vis. StrestestiranjazaIjekoviteoblikese provodekakobise procijeniouticajrazlicitihusiova na Stabilnostgotovog lijeka.

Expression, subcellular localisation, and possible roles of dipeptidyl peptidase 9 DPP9 in murine macrophages. How do polymeric micelles cross epithelial barriers?